Design of Clothing Manufacturing Processes

Design of Clothing Manufacturing Processes Author Jelka Geršak
ISBN-10 9780857097835
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 320
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The era of mass manufacturing of clothing and other textile products is coming to an end; what is emerging is a post-industrial production system that is able to achieve the goal of mass-customised, low volume production, where the conventional borders between product design, production and user are beginning to merge. To continue developing knowledge on how to design better products and services, we need to design better clothing manufacturing processes grounded in science, technology, and management to help the clothing industry to compete more effectively. Design of clothing manufacturing processes reviews key issues in the design of more rapid, integrated and flexible clothing manufacturing processes. The eight chapters of the book provide a detailed coverage of the design of clothing manufacturing processes using a systematic approach to planning, scheduling and control. The book starts with an overview of standardised clothing classification systems and terminologies for individual clothing types. Chapter 2 explores the development of standardised sizing systems. Chapter 3 reviews the key issues in the development of a garment collection. Chapters 4 to 7 discuss particular aspects of clothing production, ranging from planning and organization to monitoring and control. Finally, chapter 8 provides an overview of common quality requirements for clothing textile materials. Design of clothing manufacturing processes is intended for R&D managers, researchers, technologists and designers throughout the clothing industry, as well as academic researchers in the field of clothing design, engineering and other aspects of clothing production. Considers in detail the design of sizing and classification systems Discusses the planning required in all aspects of clothing production from design and pattern making to manufacture Overviews the management of clothing production and material quality requirements

Apparel Manufacturing Technology

Apparel Manufacturing Technology Author T. Karthik
ISBN-10 9781315350509
Release 2016-08-05
Pages 502
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This book aims to provide a broad conceptual and theoretical perspective of apparel manufacturing process starting from raw material selection to packaging and dispatch of goods. Further, engineering practices followed in an apparel industry for production planning and control, line balancing, implementation of industrial engineering concepts in apparel manufacturing, merchandising activities and garment costing have been included, and they will serve as a foundation for future apparel professionals. The book addresses the technical aspects in each section of garment manufacturing process with considered quality aspects. This book also covers the production planning process and production balancing activities. It addresses the technical aspects in each section of garment manufacturing process and quality aspects to be considered in each process. Garment engineering questions each process/operation of the total work content and can reduce the work content and increase profitability by using innovative methods of construction and technology. This book covers the production planning process, production balancing activities, and application of industrial engineering concepts in garment engineering. Further, the merchandising activities and garment costing procedures will deal with some practical examples. This book is primarily intended for textile technology and fashion technology students in universities and colleges, researchers, industrialists and academicians, as well as professionals in the apparel and textile industry.

The Fashion Handbook

The Fashion Handbook Author Tim Jackson
ISBN-10 9781134521128
Release 2004-09-20
Pages 240
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The Fashion Handbook is the indispensable guide to the fashion industry. It explores the varied and diverse aspects of the business, bringing together critical concepts with practical information about the industry’s structure and core skills, as well as offering advice on real working practices and providing information about careers and training. Tracing the development of the fashion industry, this book looks at how fashion can be understood from both social and cultural perspectives. Each chapter contributes to the knowledge of a particular academic or vocational area either through building on existing research or through the dissemination of new research undertaken into specialist vocational disciplines. The Fashion Handbook uses case studies, interviews and profiles and includes chapters written by recognised academics and fashion industry experts. Specialist topics include fashion culture, luxury brands, fashion journalism, fashion buying, design and manufacturing, retailing, PR and styling. The Fashion Handbook includes: a unique and wide overview of the fashion industry chapters on specialist topics contributions from recognised experts in both academia and the fashion industry expert advice on careers in fashion retailing. A must for all students of the fashion world.

Automation in Garment Manufacturing

Automation in Garment Manufacturing Author Rajkishore Nayak
ISBN-10 9780081011331
Release 2017-11-22
Pages 426
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Automation in Garment Manufacturing provides systematic and comprehensive insights into this multifaceted process. Chapters cover the role of automation in design and product development, including color matching, fabric inspection, 3D body scanning, computer-aided design and prototyping. Part Two covers automation in garment production, from handling, spreading and cutting, through to finishing and pressing techniques. Final chapters discuss advanced tools for assessing productivity in manufacturing, logistics and supply-chain management. This book is a key resource for all those engaged in textile and apparel development and production, and is also ideal for academics engaged in research on textile science and technology. Delivers theoretical and practical guidance on automated processes that benefit anyone developing or manufacturing textile products Offers a range of perspectives on manufacturing from an international team of authors Provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of the topic, from fabric construction, through product development, to current and potential applications

Theories of Learning for the Workplace

Theories of Learning for the Workplace Author Filip Dochy
ISBN-10 9781136733055
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 168
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Theories of Learning in the Workplace offers fascinating overviews into some of the most important theories of learning and how they are practically applied to organisational or workplace learning.

Modeling and Simulating Bodies and Garments

Modeling and Simulating Bodies and Garments Author Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
ISBN-10 1849962634
Release 2010-07-23
Pages 186
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This book contains the research on modeling bodies, cloth and character based adaptation performed during the last 3 years at MIRALab at the University of Geneva. More than ten researchers have worked together in order to reach a truly 3D Virtual Try On. What we mean by Virtual Try On is the possibility of anyone to give dimensions on her predefined body and obtain her own sized shape body, select a 3D cloth and see oneself animated in Real-Time, walking along a catwalk. Some systems exist today but are unable to adapt to body dimensions, have no real-time animation of body and clothes. A truly system on the web of Virtual Try On does not exist so far. This book is an attempt to explain how to build a 3D Virtual Try On system which is now very much in demand in the clothing industry. To describe this work, the book is divided into five chapters. The first chapter contains a brief historical background of general deformation methods. It ends with a section on the 3D human body scanner systems that are used both for rapid p- totyping and statistical analyses of the human body size variations.

Handbook of Sustainable Apparel Production

Handbook of Sustainable Apparel Production Author Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
ISBN-10 9781482299397
Release 2015-04-28
Pages 556
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A hot-button societal issue, sustainability has become a frequently heard term in every industrial segment. Sustainability in apparel production is a vast topic and it has many facets. Handbook of Sustainable Apparel Production covers all aspects of sustainable apparel production including the raw materials employed, sustainable manufacturing processes, and environmental as well as social assessments of apparel production. The book highlights the environmental and social impacts of apparel and its assessment. It explores the complexities involved in implementing sustainable measures in the massive supply chain of apparel production. The discussion then turns to sustainability and consumption behavior of the apparel industry and the assessment of sustainability aspects and parameters. The text details technologies that can pave the way toward sustainability in production and closes with coverage of design aspects, particularly sustainable design/eco design and new approaches to fashion sustainability. A vast and complex topic, sustainability in apparel production has many faces and facets. With contributions from an international panel of experts, this book unites all the elements, including very minute details, and supports them with detailed and interesting case studies. It gives you a framework for moving towards sustainability.

Handbook of Textile Design

Handbook of Textile Design Author J Wilson
ISBN-10 9781855737532
Release 2001-09-21
Pages 160
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Designers in the textile industry have a wide range of roles and responsibilities and are frequently required to make design decisions throughout the manufacturing process. This very practical handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the role of the textile designer within the textile industry. It deals with the all aspects of the design process from the beginning – from how to go about attracting clients through range planning and development to presentation. It firmly locates the work of the textile designer within the wider context of the global textile and clothing industries and considers the process of design for both freelance and in-house designers. Commercial considerations are also covered, together with trend forecasting and the factors influencing purchasing decisions. Based on the author's experience as a textile designer in industry and as a lecturer at UMIST, Manchester, UK, this book covers the entire textile design process from briefing through initial ideas, research and design development, to finished fabrics being sold to garment manufacturers and to retail. The Handbook of textile design is an invaluable reference for students of textile design as well as buyers and merchandisers of textile products, and anyone requiring an understanding of the textile design process. The range and diversity of textile design techniques available to the designer The professional practice of running a textile design studio How design work is carried out from the initial brief all the way through to invoicing the client

Carr and Latham s Technology of Clothing Manufacture

Carr and Latham s Technology of Clothing Manufacture Author David J. Tyler
ISBN-10 9781444309348
Release 2009-03-16
Pages 344
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The processes of modern clothing manufacture are explained here, alongside the equipment used. Latest developments are described as well as established methods. Manual, mechanised and automated processes are explained and their comparative advantages for certain purposes are considered as well as the applications of computer control and robotics. The Fourth Edition has been updated throughout to reflect advances in technology and a new chapter is now devoted to colour management and colour technology (including a colour section for the first time). There is a new chapter on trouble-shooting in the sewing room, giving practical solutions to common problems. Other significant additions are alternative methods of joining materials (ultrasonics, RF welding and moulding) and new developments in the traditional areas of garment and machinery technology. Students in clothing and fashion as well as garment technologists in the clothing industry will find this an invaluable resource in their increasingly complex role.

Garment Manufacturing Technology

Garment Manufacturing Technology Author Rajkishore Nayak
ISBN-10 9781782422396
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 498
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Garment Manufacturing Technology provides an insiders' look at this multifaceted process, systematically going from design and production to finishing and quality control. As technological improvements are transforming all aspects of garment manufacturing allowing manufacturers to meet the growing demand for greater productivity and flexibility, the text discusses necessary information on product development, production planning, and material selection. Subsequent chapters covers garment design, including computer-aided design (CAD), advances in spreading, cutting and sewing, and new technologies, including alternative joining techniques and seamless garment construction. Garment finishing, quality control, and care-labelling are also presented and explored. Provides an insiders look at garment manufacturing from design and production to finishing and quality control Discusses necessary information on product development, production planning, and material selection Includes discussions of computer-aided design (CAD), advances in spreading, cutting and sewing, and new technologies, including alternative joining techniques and seamless garment construction Explores garment finishing, quality control, and care labelling

Shaping Sustainable Fashion

Shaping Sustainable Fashion Author Alison Gwilt
ISBN-10 9781136454455
Release 2012-06-25
Pages 192
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The production, use and eventual disposal of most clothing is environmentally damaging, and many fashion and textile designers are becoming keen to employ more sustainable strategies in their work. This book provides a practical guide to the ways in which designers are creating fashion with less waste and greater durability. Based on the results of extensive research into lifecycle approaches to sustainable fashion, the book is divided into four sections: source: explores the motivations for the selection of materials for fashion garments and suggests that garments can be made from materials that also assist in the management of textile waste make: discusses the differing approaches to the design and manufacture of sustainable fashion garments that can also provide the opportunity for waste control and minimization use: explores schemes that encourage the consumer to engage in slow fashion consumption last: examines alternative solutions to the predictable fate of most garments – landfill. Illustrated throughout with case studies of best practice from international designers and fashion labels and written in a practical, accessible style, this is a must-have guide for fashion and textile designers and students in their areas.

How Fashion Works

How Fashion Works Author Gavin Waddell
ISBN-10 9781118814994
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 224
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Fashion deals with a world of illusion on the one hand and a hard-bitten, multifaceted and multi-billion pound industry on the other. This stimulating book clarifies how fashion operates on all its levels: the mystery of haute couture is explained, the complexities of ready to wear are simplified, and the power of mass production assessed and evaluated. Fashion terms, their use and meaning are explained in plain words and the complicated stages of design, manufacture and distribution are described in detail. Also included are sections on bespoke tailoring, wholesale menswear, dressmaking, millinery and accessories, the fashion calendar and short biographies on the most influential designers. Every follower of fashion, whether at college or in big business, will welcome the information presented in this book.

Fashion for Profit

Fashion for Profit Author Frances Harder
ISBN-10 0972776311
Release 2004
Pages 362
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Fashion For Profit - A professional's complete guide to designing, manufacturing & marketing a successful line of clothing.Everything you need to know when starting your own business. Reviewed and validated by experts from within each specific crucial area of design, product development, finance, production through to sales and marketing of a product.Examples from readers' recomendations posted on website: "Loved this book so much and found it so valuable. As did someone else I know and now I can't find it! Anyway, thanks for the great advice and guidence!" Reorder from Amy from Atlanta, GA

Transforming Clothing Production into a Demand driven Knowledge based High tech Industry

Transforming Clothing Production into a Demand driven  Knowledge based  High tech Industry Author Lutz Walter
ISBN-10 9781848826083
Release 2009-09-17
Pages 212
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Recent trends in the fashion market (including an impressive increase in the number of new collections, product assortments and variants, and the emerging mass-customization model) dictate the need for a new approach. "Transforming Clothing Production into a Demand-Driven, Knowledge-Based, High-Tech Industry" discusses the ramifications of such an approach, which must lead to a drastic shortening of the whole cycle from conception to production and retail, as well as a shift from a labor-intensive to a technology- and knowledge-intensive clothing manufacturing industry. "Transforming Clothing Production into a Demand-Driven, Knowledge-Based, High-Tech Industry" is a collection of short papers from prominent researchers involved with the LEAPFROG (Leadership for European Apparel Production From Research along Original Guidelines) initiative. LEAPFROG proposes a revolutionary industrial paradigm based on research results in scientific-technological fields.

Beyond Design

Beyond Design Author Sandra J. Keiser
ISBN-10 9781609012267
Release 2012-06-15
Pages 607
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Now in full colour, the third edition of this practical text takes students step-by-step through the pre-production processes of apparel product development: planning, forecasting, fabricating, line development, technical design, pricing and sourcing and includes a greater focus on current issues, for example sustainability and business ethics.

Designing Clothes

Designing Clothes Author Veronica Manlow
ISBN-10 9781412810555
Release 2009
Pages 313
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Fashion is all around us: we see it, we buy it, we read aboutit, but most people know little about fashion as a business.Veronica Manlow considers the broader signifi cance offashion in society, the creative process of fashion design,and how fashion unfolds in an organizational contextwhere design is conceived and executed. To get a trueinsider's perspective, she became an intern at fashiongiant Tommy Hilfi ger. Th ere, she observed and recordedhow a business's culture is built on a brand that is linkedto the charisma and style of its leader. Fashion firms are not just in the business of sellingclothing along with a variety of sidelines. Th ese companiesmust also sell a larger concept around which people canidentify and distinguish themselves from others. Manlowdefi nes the four main tasks of a fashion fi rm as creationof an image, translation of that image into a product,presentation of the product, and selling the product. Eachof these processes is interrelated and each requires theeff orts of a variety of specialists, who are often in distantlocations. Manlow shows how the design and presentationof fashion is infl uenced by changes in society, bothcultural and economic. Information about past sales andreception of items, as well as projective research informsdesign, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and marketingdecisions. Manlow offers a comprehensive view of the ways inwhich creative decisions are made, leading up to the creationof actual styles. She helps to defi ne the contributionfashion fi rms make in upholding, challenging, or redefi ningthe social order. Readers will fi nd this a fascinatingexamination of an industry that is quite visible, but littleunderstood. Veronica Manlow is assistant professor inthe Department of Economics at BrooklynCollege.

Introduction to Clothing Manufacture

Introduction to Clothing Manufacture Author Gerry Cooklin
ISBN-10 0632026618
Release 1991-09-02
Pages 192
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This introductory textbook provides a panoramic view of the clothing industry to students starting clothing and fashion courses at colleges and polytechnics. The text is accompanied by many practical examples and more than 100 clear illustrations.