A Life Interrupted

A Life Interrupted Author Michael P. Langelaan
ISBN-10 9781412007672
Release 2003
Pages 212
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Michael Langelaan's first book, "A Life Interrupted" explores the sometimes-stormy relationship between parents and their children. It is the story of Alex Fray, a troubled man who had been given up at birth by his biological parents. It would be an understatement to say that there were challenges during Alex's early years, which include two sets of adoptive parents, encounters with the law, experimentation with drugs, and poor school grades; however, the author cleverly utilizes the character's foibles and inadequacies to form the basis for a compelling tale of courage and determination. Alex is faced with emotional and physical obstacles in his quest to find the love and acceptance he so desperately seeks, but his journey eventually leads him home, culminating in a bizarre twist of fate that reveals his true identity. "A Life Interrupted" underscores the impact that parents' words and behaviour have on their children's lives, and demonstrates how some parental decisions can lead to dire consequences. Please visit home.cogeco.ca/~imaginecreations/ for more information.

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Marie Bush Pinschmidt
ISBN-10 9781456716356
Release 2011-03-17
Pages 312
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This is not a book about dying but a lovely written memoir of living, loving, and learning, and finally accepting that which cannot be changed. It's purpose is to inform and inspire as well as assure those in similar circumstances that their strength is immeasurable and that they are not alone. The author has known great love, great joy, heartbreak and more than her share of life's sorrows. She learned that one cannot control or conquer the will of the wind, but can climb aboard and from the ride learn what it means to endure.

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Spalding Gray
ISBN-10 9780307337795
Release 2005-09-20
Pages 208
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As the first decade of the new century was getting underway, Spalding Gray worried that the joy he’d finally found with his wife, stepdaughter, and two sons would fail to fuel his work as a theatrical monologist the way anxiety, conflict, doubt, and various crises once had. Before he got the chance to find out, however, an automobile accident in Ireland left him with the lasting wounds of body and spirit that ultimately led him to take his own life. But as his dear friend novelist Francine Prose notes in this volume’s foreword, “Even when his depression became so severe that he was barely able to hold a simple conversation, he was, miraculously, able to perform.” As was always his method, Gray began to fashion a new monologue in various workshop settings that would tell the story of the accident and its aftermath. Originally titled Black Spot—for what the locals called the section of highway where Gray’s accident occurred—it began as a series of workshops at P.S. 122 in New York City and eventually became Life Interrupted.Gray died in early 2004, and though never completed, Life Interrupted is rich with brave self-revelation, masterfully acute observations of wonderfully peculiar people, penetrating wit and genuine humor, an irresolvable fascination with life and death, and all the other attributes of Gray’s singular and unmistakable voice. In the final performance of Life Interrupted, Gray read two additional pieces: a short story about a day he spent with his son Theo at the carousel in Central Park and a brief, poignant love letter to New York City that he wrote after the terrorist attacks in 2001. This volume includes these pieces as well as many of the eulogies that were delivered by his friends and family at memorial services held at Lincoln Center and in Sag Harbor. [If you had to reduce all of Spalding’s work to its essence, its core, if you wanted to locate the subject to which, no matter what else he talked about, he kept returning, I suppose you could say that his work was a profoundly metaphysical inquiry into how we manage to live despite the knowledge that we are someday going to die. . . . If there is a consolation, it’s what he left behind: the children whom he so loved and, of course, his work. Reading the unfinished pieces in this volume . . . we hear his voice again and feel the happiness we felt when he sat on stage behind his wooden desk, took a sip from his water glass, transformed the raw material of his life into art, and the crowd applauded each brilliant, beautiful sentence.] —Francine Prose, from the Foreword Also available as an eBook From the Hardcover edition.

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Priscilla Shirer
ISBN-10 9781433670459
Release 2011
Pages 215
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From telemarketers to traffic jams to twenty-item shoppers in the ten-item line, our lives are full of interruptions. They're often aggravating, sometimes infuriating, and can make us want to tell people what we really think about them. But they also tell us something quite important about ourselves. The prophet Jonah's life was interrupted by a clear call of God that made him mad enough and scared enough to run in the completely opposite direction. Yet it wasn't really an interruption. It was an opportunity for Jonah to be involved in something the likes of which the Old Testament world had never seen: national revival in a Gentile country. What if Jonah had seen God's interruption for what it truly was—a divine intervention that held more adventure and possibility than any other thing he could have been doing at the time? What could have felt any better than being directly in the center of God's will? Yet we play it that same way—always running from major pains and minor problems that just don't seem to suit us at the time. Who knows what we're missing by being so interruption avoidant? In this very personal account of opportunities lost and lessons learned, popular conference speaker and author Priscilla Shirer shows how to embrace the amazing freedom and fulfillment that comes from going with God, even when He's going against your grain. .

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Tricia Goyer
ISBN-10 0310873053
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 224
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One day you’re a typical student. You’re working part-time at McDonald’s to pay for your clothes and car. The next day, you’re a mother-to-be. You’re confused and scared. Emotional and standoffish. You feel like a kid, but now with a huge responsibility.How could your life change so fast? Your youth wasn’t supposed to be packed with worries and obligations, Lamaze classes and daycare choices—and you’ve still got work and school to deal with. Whatever happened to fun, friendships, and dating? You’d do anything for your baby—but what about you? What about your needs?Sharing stories from her own experience as a teenage mom and from other young mothers, Tricia Goyer shows you what to do about meeting nine basic needs that all young moms have. Needs such as the need to be appreciated, the need to know your life is not at a dead end, and the need to be loved. In Life Interrupted, you’ll meet lots of young moms just like you. You’ll also meet God, who cares about you very much.

Life Interrupted

Life  Interrupted Author James Mcconnel
ISBN-10 9780755361243
Release 2010-01-07
Pages 352
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James McConnel always felt like a ‘nearly’ person. Alienated and bullied at school, playing music was the only time James felt in control. But as his piano playing skills developed, so did a bewildering array of strange compulsions. Initially the jerking, coughing, grunting, repeating, tapping, sniffing and counting, was dismissed as a ‘funny little habit’. But it was clearly much more than that. Touching, humorous and intimate, LIFE, INTERRUPTED is the astonishing story of one man’s journey to self-acceptance.

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Edrina Victoria Gibson
ISBN-10 9781477127339
Release 2012-06-27
Pages 84
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My book is about a very traumatic event in my life. It is very emotional and it will encourage and inspiring my readers, that they can survive any obstacle that comes there way. Through, determination and faith.

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Teisha Rose
ISBN-10 9781925209921
Release 2015-02-12
Pages 176
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Teisha Rose was just twenty-two and on a fast track to corporate success when her life was interrupted by a huge and unexpected hurdle. For the next four years she grieved for her lost dreams, caught in an avalanche of endless hospital ordeals and gruelling rehabilitation. Her devastating physical condition came to dominate her identity ... until she decided to turn her hurdle into hope. Teisha committed herself to finding joy where it seemed impossible. Turning an existence of debilitating lows into a life of exhilarating highs, she left her homeland to travel the world. She left creature comforts to help orphans overseas. She left corporate life to become a social worker among the homeless and lonely. She found new gifts, new perspectives, new homes, new friends and in an amazing set of circumstances she found love. Teisha’s extraordinary story will break your heart, inspire you, enthral you and thrill you. Yet Life Interrupted is more than a life story. In the second part of her book, Teisha uses her unique discoveries to help you find your way through whatever might have interrupted your own dreams. Your challenges need not be as tragic as Teisha Rose– few people’s are – but like her, you can find your way past your hurdle to a new life full of hope.

A Life Interrupted

A Life Interrupted Author Kristi Loucks
ISBN-10 9781468910179
Release 2012-08-02
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Jared BelaForte spent his life protecting the people he loves and the place he calls home. He works for a government appointed task force called The Greater Wilmington First Response Team or GWRT. A group comprised of his friend and half brother, Dylan Spencer. his father’s old partner on the Police Force, Alex Kelley and Alex's cousin, Jules Devereaux. Rounding out the team was Shay McElroy, a profiler who also happened to be the love of his life. Everything seemed perfect in his world, people he cared about surrounded him and they were close to putting an end to a known trafficker who dealt in drugs and women. But in one moment, the man Jared had spent years trying to put away interrupted that life. Sergei Dolenov is that man. He deals in drugs and dolls, a family business you might say. He had been able to stay under the radar in the sleepy port of North Carolina that he called home these days. But when the Governor put together a task force to disrupt his business, he took on a new target. Jared BelaForte. After two years of torture and pain, Jared believed he would die in Dolenov’s “care”. But just when all hope is lost, an opportunity to escape presents itself. Two years to the day, Dylan got the phone call. Jared BelaForte was in the local ER, and he was alive. Can he pick up the pieces before the man responsible returns to finish the job he started? This is a story of survival and the powers of love and family. It contains vivid details about one man's fight to regain his freedom and return to the one's he loved.

A Life Interrupted

A Life Interrupted Author Louise Mathewson
ISBN-10 9781597190565
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 124
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A collection of poems chronicling the author's recovery from a brain damaging car accident, with a list of journaling therapy writing prompts and other resources she found helpful in transcending trauma. "Shattering, haunting, humbling and ultimately triumphant, this poetic memoir takes us deep into a damaged brain and the courageous crawl back to a reclaimed life," says Kathleen Adams, LPC, director of the Center for Journal Therapy & Therapeutic Writing Institute. "Language, once lost, returns to shimmer on the page, each poem and altar to the angel's promise that in trauma there is transformation. This collection will surely provide hope, identification, and voice for those who struggle with TBI, and those who love and serve them. It is a brilliant and urgently needed addition to the literature in therapeutic writing."

Life Interrupted

Life  Interrupted Author Damian Kelleher
ISBN-10 9781848121010
Release 2008-12-10
Pages 256
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Honest, funny and deeply moving, this is an unforgettable story about facing the worst and surviving. Luke's life is rudely interrupted when his mum, Pat, collapses at the hospital where she works. Thoughtful Luke, nearly 15, and his accident-prone younger brother Jesse each cope in their own ways. As time goes on it is clear Pat is not going to recover, and Luke's world rearranges itself, while friends and family rally round.


Sectioned Author John O'Donoghue
ISBN-10 9781848542150
Release 2009-02-05
Pages 300
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‘When my father died, I stayed off school to look after my mother. I was fourteen and was as incapable of looking after her as she was at looking after me. She took to wandering the roads and was soon taken into hospital. The social worker asked me if I wanted to be fostered and I said yes. Two years later, in 1975, I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. That was the beginning of it all: medication, ECT, the locked ward. I’ve been sectioned five times, in and out of asylums, homeless hostels, squats and on the streets. I nearly hit the end of the road. But then, almost overnight, my life turned round. Sectioned is my story.’ John O’Donoghue

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Paulina Rael Jaramillo M. a.
ISBN-10 9781448669967
Release 2009-11
Pages 198
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Whether our loss involves a person, a lifestyle, or a career, the process of grieving and healing is similar.Life Interrupted is an interactive book that contains helpful guidelines, prompts and inspirational quotes. Each page is filled with beautiful images of natural settings and contains adequate space for the reader to write down thoughts and feelings. The farewell page is followed by a section encouraging the reader to live in the present, discover their passion and plan for the future. The last section contains a chapter with suggestions on how to help friends and family, including children, deal with their loss. The inspiration for the book came from the author's personal experience with loss and healing due to the multiple deaths of family members. It's the author's desire that her pain, struggles, setbacks and eventual triumphs will provide hope and encouragement for those who are taking their first steps toward healing.

A Lucky Life Interrupted

A Lucky Life Interrupted Author Tom Brokaw
ISBN-10 9780679604662
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 256
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • WITH A NEW PREFACE BY THE AUTHOR • A powerful memoir of a dramatic year spent battling cancer and reflecting on a long, happy, and lucky life—from the bestselling author of The Greatest Generation, whose iconic career in journalism has spanned more than fifty years Tom Brokaw has led a fortunate life, with a strong marriage and family, many friends, and a brilliant journalism career culminating in his twenty-two years as anchor of the NBC Nightly News and as bestselling author. But in the summer of 2013, when back pain led him to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, his run of good luck was interrupted. He received shocking news: He had multiple myeloma, a treatable but incurable blood cancer. Friends had always referred to Brokaw’s “lucky star,” but as he writes in this inspiring memoir, “Turns out that star has a dimmer switch.” Brokaw takes us through all the seasons and stages of this surprising year, the emotions, discoveries, setbacks, and struggles—times of denial, acceptance, turning points, and courage. After his diagnosis, Brokaw began to keep a journal, approaching this new stage of his life in a familiar role: as a journalist, determined to learn as much as he could about his condition, to report the story, and help others facing similar battles. That journal became the basis of this wonderfully written memoir, the story of a man coming to terms with his own mortality, contemplating what means the most to him now, and reflecting on what has meant the most to him throughout his life. Brokaw also pauses to look back on some of the important moments in his career: memories of Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the morning of September 11, 2001, in New York City, and more. Through it all, Brokaw writes in the warm, intimate, natural voice of one of America’s most beloved journalists, giving us Brokaw on Brokaw, and bringing us with him as he navigates pain, procedures, drug regimens, and physical rehabilitation. Brokaw also writes about the importance of patients taking an active role in their own treatment, and of the vital role of caretakers and coordinated care. Generous, informative, and deeply human, A Lucky Life Interrupted offers a message of understanding and empowerment, resolve and reality, hope for the future and gratitude for a well-lived life. Praise for A Lucky Life Interrupted “It’s impossible not to be inspired by Brokaw’s story, and his willingness to share it.”—Los Angeles Times “A powerful memoir of battling cancer and facing mortality . . . Through the prism of his own illness, Brokaw looks at the larger picture of aging in America.”—Booklist (starred review) “Moving, informative and deeply personal.”—The Daily Beast “The former NBC News anchor has applied the fact-finding skills and straightforward candor that were his stock in trade during his reporting days to A Lucky Life Interrupted.”—USA Today “Brokaw doesn’t paste a smiley face on his story. Again and again, the book returns to stories of loss but also of grace, luck and the beauty of having another swing at bat.”—The Washington Post “Engaging . . . [with] the kind of insight that is typical of Mr. Brokaw’s approach to life and now to illness.”—The Wall Street Journal “Powerful and courageous . . . [Brokaw] looks ahead to the future with hope.”—Bookreporter

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted Author Karen Lynne Duffie
ISBN-10 9781426918957
Release 2010-02
Pages 204
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I have learned a few lessons since Kourt's death. One, death is not negotiable. Once someone has entered the realm of death, they totally cross over, they are gone. That lesson has been the most difficult for me to accept. For the first time, I was unable to help Kourtney with a problem. There was no phone call I could make nothing I could do for him. I felt like I had failed him. I was not there to protect him. On the morning of June 11, 2007, death took on a whole new meaning for Karen Lynne Duffie, a Michigan mother of three. That's the morning her twenty-two-year-old son, Kourtney, was murdered. In this memoir, Duffie provides a personal look into her day-to-day struggles, thoughts, and activities after her first-born son's death. Through journal entries, Duffie tells her emotional and heart-wrenching story of loss, grief, and recovery. A raw and captivating narrative, Life Interrupted reveals this mother's innermost thoughts and feelings. By sharing this memoir, Duffie provides grief support to others facing the murder of a child. The story serves as a beacon of enlightenment, inspiration, and hope for the future.

A Life Interrupted Jo Ann Howard Pritchett Memoir

A Life Interrupted  Jo Ann Howard Pritchett Memoir Author Ted Pritchett
ISBN-10 9781483441559
Release 2012-03-28
Pages 88
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A Life Interrupted is a memoir written largely by Jo Ann Pritchett, recounting her childhood, professional life and an eighteen year struggle against lymphoma. Her teaching/administrative life was a totally successful venture filled with the not-so-mundan

A Life Interrupted

A Life Interrupted Author A. K. Roberts
ISBN-10 099780470X
Release 2016-07-06
Pages 232
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Daniel Beringer grew up in St. Louis, the only son of Maria and Ben Beringer. He had a great life, went to all the best schools and wanted for nothing, but something just didn't feel right. Daniel never felt like he belonged, never felt like he fit in and when he was seventeen he found out why. While working on a research project for his English class, he stumbled upon his birth certificate and to his surprise Ben Beringer was not his biological father and he wasn't his mother's only husband either. Daniel had no idea how that news would change his life, but it did. Upon graduating with a Master's Degree from the School of Journalism he changed his name back to Daniel Donovan, accepted a job with The Sun, a major publication in Washington D.C., and set out to make a name for himself. A successful investigative journalist, Daniel Donovan was missing that big story. The story that would make him a legend, the story that would be his legacy and after returning from the Persian Gulf he had no idea that a report from the Associated Press about the murder of ten female collegiate volleyball players and the abduction of two others would change his life and expose him to a world of corruption, secrets and lies that would not only rock Daniel to his core, but an entire nation as well.A Life Interrupted is a story about a political scandal and cover up that will shock a nation and cause a ripple effect that would send Daniel down a path he never saw coming.