Mossad Exodus

Mossad Exodus Author Gad Shimron
ISBN-10 9652294039
Release 2007
Pages 231
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In 1977, Israels Mossad spy agency was given an assignment to rescue thousands of Ethiopian Jewish refugees in Sudan and deliver them to me in the Jewish state. First published in Hebrew in 1998, this updated English version of the book offers a thrilling firsthand account of how the operation was put in place.

The Woman from Mossad

The Woman from Mossad Author Peter Hounam
ISBN-10 1583940057
Release 1999
Pages 136
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After three years' military service, Mordechai Vanunu answered an ad for a control room job at the nuclear research center near Dimona. In 1976 he was assigned to Mochon 2, where he discovered the nuclear weapons program that he later divulged to Peter Hounam. Before his story could be published however, Vanunu met Cindy, a beautiful American woman who lured him to Rome. Caught in a trap, he was attacked by agents from Mossad (the Israeli secret service), drugged, and smuggled to Israel to stand trial for treason. Since then, Vanunu has spent more than 12 years in solitary confinement. In The Woman from Mossad, Hounam details the kidnapping and what happened to Cindy when she was exposed by the author. He also names governments that secretly helped Israel.


Mossad Author Michael Bar-Zoha
ISBN-10 9781849545433
Release 2012-10-30
Pages 300
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Mossad is universally recognised as the greatest intelligence service in the world. It is also the most enigmatic, shrouded in a thick veil of secrecy. Many of its enthralling feats are still unknown; most of its heroes remain unnamed. From the kidnapping of Eichmann in Argentina and the systematic tracking down of those responsible for the Munich massacre to lesser-known episodes of astonishing espionage, this extraordinary book describes the dramatic, largely secret history of Mossad and the Israeli intelligence community. Examining the covert operations, the targeted assassinations and the paramilitary activities within and outside Israel, Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal detail the great stories of Mossad and reveal the personal tales of some of the best Mossad agents and leaders to serve their country.

The History of Mossad

The History of Mossad Author ANTONELLA COLONNA VILASI
ISBN-10 9781491889633
Release 2014-01-13
Pages 130
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The book is about the history of Mossad, from the foundation to the ultimate events.

The Volunteer

The Volunteer Author Michael Ross
ISBN-10 1551992728
Release 2025-12-31
Pages 296
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The riveting story of a Canadian who serves as a senior officer in Israel’s legendary Mossad. In 1982 a young Michael Ross joins the legion of Canadian twenty-somethings backpacking in Europe. Through happenstance, he winds up working on a Kibbutz in Israel, where he falls in love with the land and its ancient, multi-layered history. He immerses himself in Israeli culture, converts to Judaism, and adopts his new country’s struggle for survival as his own, joining the Israel Defence Force and eventually Mossad’s most elite and storied covert-operations unit, Caesaria. For seven-and-a-half years, Ross worked as an undercover agent — a classic spy. In The Volunteer, he describes his role in missions to foil attempts by Syria, Libya, and Iran to acquire advanced weapons technology. He tells of his part in the capture of three senior al Qaeda operatives who masterminded the 1998 attacks on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; a joint Mossad-FBI operation that uncovered a senior Hezbollah terrorist based in the United States; and a mission to South Africa in which he intercepted Iranian agents seeking to expand their country’s military arsenal; and two-and-a-half years as Mossad’s Counterterrorism Liaison Officer to the CIA and FBI. Many of the operations Ross describes have never before been revealed to the public. My first face-to-face encounter with the entity the world now knows as al Qaeda began on Friday, August 7, 1998, the day the group detonated truck bombs outside U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killing 291 innocents, including 12 U.S. citizens, and injuring over 4,500 African bystanders. On August 7, I was at home in Israel, enjoying a rare day off, but soon after the blasts, my pager went off. It was an urgent request to call the Mossad’s 24/7 communications center. I checked in by phone, then raced to HQ in my tiny Renault, running up the two flights of stairs to the counterterrorism department. There, I found Etti, an analyst in the “World Jihad” branch (known informally as the department of “awful Ahmeds”) and a few others studying the cable traffic from our liaison station in Nairobi. I noticed Etti had a cigarette going — despite the no-smoking policy at HQ, it was the sort of thing a tough old hand like Etti could get away with under these circumstances. She greeted me with her usual flurry of casual obscenities, and handed me a stack of reports that brought me up to speed. — From The Volunteer From the Hardcover edition.

Sylvia Rafael

Sylvia Rafael Author Ram Oren
ISBN-10 9780813146973
Release 2014-08-12
Pages 288
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"There is a lack of quiet in Sylvia that craves for action.... She knows that she is special and that she possesses unusual and varied abilities." -- From the Mossad's psychological evaluation of Sylvia Rafael When Moti Kfir, head of the Academy for Special Operations of the Mossad, first interviewed Sylvia Rafael in a coffee shop, he knew she would make a great combatant for Israel's intelligence agency. She was outgoing, resourceful, brilliant, and had a talent for bonding with others. When Kfir warned her that the mysterious job they'd met to discuss could be dangerous, she simply sat back comfortably in her chair and smiled. Sylvia Rafael is the page-turning account of a young, dedicated agent as told by the man who trained her. Drawing on extensive research and interviews, authors Ram Oren and Moti Kfir tell the story of Rafael's rise to prominence within the Mossad and her intelligence work trying to locate Ali Hassan Salameh -- the leader of Palestine's Black September organization and the mastermind behind the murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Her team's misidentification of their mark would eventually lead to her arrest and imprisonment for murder and espionage. Now available in English for the first time, Sylvia Rafael offers new insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its history, and its human cost. It is a gripping, authentic spy story about a fearless defender of the Jewish people.

The Mossad

The Mossad Author Marc E. Vargo
ISBN-10 9781476619668
Release 2014-12-31
Pages 308
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The Mossad has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Mossad also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Mossad book for free.

Gideon s Spies Mossad s Secret Warriors

Gideon s Spies  Mossad s Secret Warriors Author Gordon Thomas
ISBN-10 9781509825295
Release 2015-11-19
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In the secret world of spies and covert operations, no intelligene service continues to be as surrounded by myth and mystery as Israel's Mossad. Gideon's Spies reveals the extent of Mossad's involvement in an astonishing range of world events including Irangate, the attempted assisination of Pope John Paul II, the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the death of Robert Maxwell. Fully revised for the paperwork, new revelations include the mysterious events surrounding the 1992 El Al jet crash in Amsterdam, the tracking down of Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan, and more details on Mossad's involvement in the crash which killed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. 'A fascinating look at a spy organization that has remained off limits to most journalists. Some of the incredible episodes Gordon Thomas writes about seem like they belong in fiction, and yet this is a first-rate non-fiction account.' GQ 'Using eye-witness accounts from directors, agents, and even assassins, Thomas goes where few writers have gone before - inside Mossad, Israel's ruthless, super-secretive intelligence agency.' Maxim 'A compelling read, with any number of disturbing revelations.' FHM

Adolf Hitler Jr

Adolf Hitler Jr Author Buck Young
ISBN-10 9781425713911
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 192
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Tenaciously pursued by NAZI hunters, Adolf Hitler Jr enlists in the U.S. Marines seeking anonymity. His enemies locate him and influence U.S Government agencies to assign him to Iraq where they believe he can be more easily killed... Suspense, fear and murders occur... Some other mentioned events and influences on the novel are: Adolf Hitler´s private journal; Holocaust propaganda; The ark of the Covenant; Sexuality; Secret laboratories at Dimona, Israel and at Peenemunde, Germany; The Swastika symbol; UFOs; Aliens, Angels and Gods; Neo-NAZI atomic research; WW II: The Christian vs. Jew vs. Communist war; The Iraq religious war.

Spies Against Armageddon Inside Israel s Secret Wars

Spies Against Armageddon    Inside Israel s Secret Wars Author Dan Raviv
ISBN-10 9780985437862
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 666
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Fully updated for 2014 to include tumultuous events in Syria, Egypt, Iran, and the entire Middle East, SPIES AGAINST ARMAGEDDON: INSIDE ISRAEL'S SECRET WARS covers more ground than any other book about modern-day Israel. Its 25 action-packed chapters and detailed endnotes are filled with colorful characters, who risk their lives and reputations in the secret service of their nation. This is a history of Israel's espionage and security network from 1948 until the present day, written by the best selling authors of EVERY SPY A PRINCE: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF ISRAEL'S INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY. This book takes you inside the Middle East crises of today, analyzing Iran's nuclear program and challenges for the United States. The authors also examined U.S.-Israeli relations in FRIENDS IN DEED. Dan Raviv is a CBS News correspondent currently based in Washington, and Yossi Melman is an award-winning Israeli journalist based in Tel Aviv. They have a global reputation for being fair and balanced, without exaggeration about Israel's covert achievements -- and some flaws -- in the defense of a nation that always sees itself as embattled. Chapter 1 of SPIES AGAINST ARMAGEDDON is titled "Stopping Iran," then come chapters with exclusive and carefully considered history -- showing how the behavior and lessons learned in wars and adventures affect the decisions Israel must make today. Later chapters focus on the secret bombing of a nuclear reactor in Syria, the murder by a Mossad team in a Dubai hotel (Was it a mistake?), and blasting the Steven Spielberg movie "Munich" for making it look like Mossad hit men suffered frustration and regrets. SPIES AGAINST ARMAGEDDON is well researched, balanced, and a remarkably enjoyable read

A Married Man s Guide to Christmas

A Married Man s Guide to Christmas Author Robert Henry
ISBN-10 9781611940817
Release 2011-12
Pages 116
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In the great tradition of guy-humor everywhere, here comes humorist Robert Henry's growling, good-hearted rant about holiday madness, A MARRIED MAN'S GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS. Henry reveals the truth about Christmas through the eyes of a typical married man. "Remember, it's not how you celebrate the joyous season. It's whether you are still alive, married, sleeping indoors, with a healthy prostate, and without a rap sheet on January 4th that counts." Husbands will laugh out loud. Dads will slap their knees and keel over (have CPR ready). Wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, female co-workers and sales clerks who dread seeing men mumble and mutter their way through the Christmas section at BIG BOX DISCOUNT WAREHOUSE will nod in recognition at the syndrome best described as "CAN I SURVIVE UNTIL NEW YEAR'S?" A Married Man's Guide To Christmas is a must for every guy who wants the women in his life to understand why he'd rather buy them gift certificates than brave the treacherous online world of lingerie catalogs. Why have just a joyous season, when you can have a Christmas filled with laughs that don't include finding pictures of Uncle Herbert in a teddy? Irreverent, honest, and biodegradable, Robert Henry has captured the essence of the holiday season for all men in A Married Man's Guide To Christmas. So grab it today for all the beleaguered males on your Xmas list and all the long-suffering females who just want the lights strung on the front porch by Christmas Eve, the honey-do list completed before Aunt Sookie arrives with her flatulent Pekinese, and that expensive bottle of Scotch left mostly full until the tinsel is hung, the presents are wrapped, and the homeowners' association has accepted your apology for spelling out a less-than-jolly greeting in solar-powered candy canes on your front lawn.

Defol git lanetli

Defol git lanetli Author Saddam Hussein
ISBN-10 9759129256
Release 2005
Pages 189
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Defol git lanetli has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Defol git lanetli also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Defol git lanetli book for free.

By way of deception

By way of deception Author Victor Ostrovsky
ISBN-10 0773673164
Release 1991
Pages 396
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By way of deception has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from By way of deception also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full By way of deception book for free.

The Spear

The Spear Author James Herbert
ISBN-10 9781447203261
Release 2011-05-11
Pages 320
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When Steadman agreed to investigate the disappearance of a young Mossad agent, he had no idea he would be drawn into a malevolent conspiracy of neo-Nazi cultists bent on unleashing an age-old unholy power on an unsuspecting world -- power rising out of a demonic relic from man's dark primal past to threaten humanity with horror from beyond any nightmare . . . 'Spine-chilling ... violent, creepy and compulsive reading' Daily Mirror

Ghosts of Sanctuary

Ghosts of Sanctuary Author Judith Coker-Blaa
ISBN-10 9781312138865
Release 2014-04-29
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Ghosts of Sanctuary is a fictional love and action novel about an American female caught in a love triangle with a Mossad agent and an MI5 agent. It is an action thriller that deals with their relationships of love and betrayal. This is the romantic thriller that has a sequel titled Letters From My Ghost published by an American female caught in a love of love and betrayal.

The Other Side of Deception

The Other Side of Deception Author Victor Ostrovsky
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034925514
Release 1994
Pages 315
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In the sequel to the explosive bestseller By Way of Deception, the former Israeli agent continues his incredible story of his career as a double agent and his disruption of shocking Mossad assassination plans. 150,000 first printing. $75,000 ad/promo. Tour.

Married to Africa

Married to Africa Author G. Pascal Zachary
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079334127
Release 2009
Pages 258
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A former foreign correspondent describes how he fell in love with an African zoologist while working in Ghana, his subsequent immersion in lesser-known aspects of African culture, and their equally disparate married life in California.