Positive Behaviour Management in Sport

Positive Behaviour Management in Sport Author Nicky Fuller
ISBN-10 1905540671
Release 2009
Pages 60
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Coaching Resource to build Positive Behaviour in Sport This resource introduces you to the subject of positive behaviour management in sport. It helps you learn why unwanted behaviour occurs and how to deal with situations as they arise. Broken down into manageable sections, you'll discover: different ways of tackling unwanted behaviour in sport how to create an environment that encourages positive behaviour 'Top Tips' that help you recognise what creates a positive coaching environment and what actions encourage acceptable behaviour. A coach's guidebook to dealing with behaviour problems Every group and individual is different, and managing behaviour is a hands-on job. Use the examples within this guide to find the best solutions for you and create a positive environment for young people to develop.

Coaching the Whole Child

Coaching the Whole Child Author David Haskins
ISBN-10 9781905540785
Release 2010
Pages 43
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Develop young people through sport by coaching the whole child Coaching the Whole Child: Positive Development Through Sport will guide you through the 5Cs for your coaching approach: Competence Confidence Character and Caring Connection Creativity. The approach has its roots in positive youth development rather than sport and will help you recognise the value of the 5Cs for coaching. If you are responsible for coaching young people it will interest and excite you. It offers you... ...the chance to reconsider the emphasis of your coaching and provides you with useful tools to enhance the experience of young people. If you are a coach who is committed to developing participants both in and through sport, and open to adopting the holistic view of what coaching entails, this resource is for you. To aid with your planning, tables are provided to show the interaction of the 5Cs with the physical, mental, technical and tactical development of players.

PE sports

PE sports Author Crispin Andrews
ISBN-10 9781843121640
Release 2005
Pages 123
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "a variety of templates and checklists which can be amended as appropriate and printed out for use by the purchasing institution." -- p. xiii.

Sport Management

Sport Management Author Russell Hoye
ISBN-10 9781317557784
Release 2015-01-09
Pages 404
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Now available in a fully revised and updated fourth edition, Sport Management: Principles and Applications introduces the sport industry and examines the role of the state, non-profit and professional sectors in sport. It focuses on core management principles and their application in a sporting context, highlighting the unique challenges faced in a career in sport management. Written in an engaging and accessible style, each chapter has a clear structure designed to make key information and concepts simple to find and to utilize. Chapters contain a conceptual overview, references, further reading, links to important websites, study questions and up-to-date case studies from around the world to show how theory works in the real world, and a companion website offers additional activities for students and guidance notes and slides for instructors. The book covers every core functional area of management, including: strategic planning organizational culture organizational structures human resource management leadership governance financial management marketing performance management. This fourth edition also includes expanded coverage of sport media, change management and other contemporary management issues, providing a comprehensive introduction to the practical application of management principles within sport organizations. It is ideal for first and second year students on sport management related courses, as well as those studying business-focused or human movement courses seeking an overview of applied sport management principles.

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching Author Anita Navin
ISBN-10 9781847973641
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 412
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Sport plays a crucially important role in our society and the benefits of participating in sport and physical activity are widely acknowledged in terms of personal health and well-being. Coaching makes a key contribution to sport, helps to promote social inclusion and participation, and assists athletes in achieving performance targets. Accordingly, this authoritative and comprehensive reference work will be widely welcomed. Written by acknowledged experts, it presents a detailed analysis of performance and good coaching practice and performance, and provides a concise overview of the coaching process from a scientific and pedagogical perspective.

Pedagogical Cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport

Pedagogical Cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport Author Kathleen Armour
ISBN-10 9781134453696
Release 2014-01-21
Pages 304
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Pedagogical Cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport is a completely new kind of resource for students and practitioners working in physical education or youth sport. The book consists of 20 richly described cases of individual young learners, each written by a team of authors with diverse expertise from across the sport, exercise and movement sciences. These cases bring together knowledge from single sub-disciplines into new interdisciplinary knowledge to inform best practice in physical education, teaching and coaching in youth sport settings. At the heart of each case is an individual young person of a specified age and gender, with a range of physical, social and psychological characteristics. Drawing on current research, theory and empirical data from their own specialist discipline, each chapter author identifies the key factors they feel should be taken into account when attempting to teach or coach the young person described. These strands are then drawn together at the end of each chapter and linked to current research from the sport pedagogy literature, to highlight the implications for planning and evaluating teaching or coaching sessions. No other book offers such a rich, vivid and thought-provoking set of pedagogical tools for understanding and working with children and young people in sport. This is an essential resource for any student on a physical education, coaching, kinesiology or sport science course, and for any teacher, coach or instructor working in physical education or youth sport.

Sports Management

Sports Management Author Aaron Smith
ISBN-10 1864487518
Release 1999
Pages 282
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The first text on sport management for the Australian market, incorporating modern management philosophies in the sporting context.

Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings

Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings Author Barry Wayne Lavay
ISBN-10 0736049118
Release 2006
Pages 201
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- Develop your own 10-step program to manage behavior in your own setting - Maximize your participants' learning while empowering, rather than controlling, their behavior - Discover positive and creative ways to promote responsible behavior and redirect disruptive behavior Most new teachers, coaches, and recreation leaders who leave the profession do so because of behavior issues. Even when you have the subject knowledge and leadership skills you need, if participants' problem behaviors are not handled effectively, learning, performance, and enjoyment will suffer. Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings, Second Edition, will help you manage your participants' behavior, whether you're a new or veteran teacher, coach, or recreation leader. This text, in an updated and expanded edition, will help you motivate your participants and create a physical activity environment that is conductive to learning and performance. In addition, the book provides methods for teaching participants to take personal and social responsibility for themselves, which serve to empower rather than control them. With its focus expanded to include a variety of physical activity settings, Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings, Second Edition, will help you discover positive and creative ways to promote responsible behavior as well as prevent and redirect disruptive behavior. Using approaches from psychology, special education, and general education, you will learn how to apply proven practices for maintaining and enhancing appropriate behavior in your setting. The result is that your teaching or coaching goes more smoothly and your participants' learning and enjoyment are maximized. This new edition features the following: - Real-life scenarios across a variety of physical activity settings, including three situations that are introduced at the beginning of the book and discussed at the end of each chapter - 28 checklists and worksheets - Real-world tips and proven strategies - A refined 10-step program to help you develop your own behavior management plan - An annotated list of more than 20 Web sites on behavior management that the authors have found useful Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings, Second Edition, provides you with ideas that you can apply to your setting and needs. Its ready-to-go reproducibles and checklists are time savers as they help you immediately implement sound strategies. With their years of experience, the authors understand the challenges you face, and they guide you in developing your own approach to promoting responsible and positive behavior in your setting. Part Iexplores the challenges in creating a positive atmosphere and details proactive management techniques. Part IIanalyzes various behavioral approaches and methods, including those for maintaining and increasing desired behaviors and for decreasing inappropriate behaviors. It also lays out, step by step, a practical 10-step program for developing your own behavior management plan.

Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management Author Bill Rogers
ISBN-10 0761969292
Release 2000-06-08
Pages 256
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Pressure on teachers is increasing. Bureaucrats, economists, parent groups and students are all placing extra emphasis on teacher accountability and performance. Adding to this pressure are rising concerns about student behaviour. This difficult problem is having a marked effect on the stress levels and self-esteem of teachers. As more schools focus their attention on developing whole-school strategies for dealing with student behaviour, the need for a book to support teachers as they strive to develop a behaviour management policy is evident. Bill Rogers, who has many years of international experience of working on behaviour management, offers practical suggestions. He describes positive discipline and the importance o

Sport Education Seasons

Sport Education Seasons Author Sean M. Bulger
ISBN-10 0736046399
Release 2007
Pages 354
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"Finally, a sport resource that offers in-depth, complete seasons applying the sport education model of teaching and coaching. This book and CD-ROM package includes 68 complete sessions and lessons for three complete seasons - basketball, soccer, and fitness education - that you can use in their entirety or choose lessons to reinforce your existing program. It also includes more than 150 reproducibles in the book and 400 on the CD-ROM."--BOOK JACKET.

Ethics in Youth Sport

Ethics in Youth Sport Author Richard Light
ISBN-10 9780415679039
Release 2012
Pages 219
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The influence of professional, adult sport on youth sport is now a global concern. Children are involved in high-stakes competitive sport at national and international levels at an increasingly young age. In addition, the use of sport as a medium for positive youth development by governments and within the community has fuelled ambitious targets for young people's participation in sport at all levels. In this important study of ethical issues in and around youth sport, leading international experts argue for the development of strong ethical codes for the conduct of youth sport and for effective policy and pedagogical applications to ensure that the positive benefits of sport are optimized and the negative aspects diminished. At the heart of the discussion are the prevailing standards and expectations of youth sport in developed societies, typically consisting of the development of motor competence, the development of a safe and healthy lifestyle and competitive style, and the development of a positive self-image and good relationship skills. The book examines the recommendations emerging from the 'Panathlon Declaration' and the debates that have followed, and covers a wide range of key ethical issues, including: emotional and physical abuse aggression and violence doping and cheating values and norms teaching and coaching integrity management. Ethics in Youth Sport is focused on the application of ethical policy and pedagogies and is grounded in practice. It assumes no prior ethical training on the part of the reader and is essential reading for all students, researchers, policy makers and professionals working with children and young people in sport across school, community and professional settings.

Sport and Social Capital

Sport and Social Capital Author Matthew Nicholson
ISBN-10 9780750685863
Release 2008
Pages 363
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Despite the importance of sport as a social, economic and political institution, research into sport and social capital has not been extensive. Sport and Social Capital is the first book to examine this increasingly high profile area in detail. It explores the ways in which sport contributes to the creation, development, maintenance and, in some cases, diminution of social capital. Written by an internationally renowned author team who are leading figures in this area of study, this engaging and far-reaching text brings leading research from around the world into one comprehensively edited volume. Themes covered in the book include: education, gender, policy, community, youth sport, diversity and many more. It is essential reading for sport management, sport development and sport sociology students around the globe and offers fascinating and invaluable insight to interested stakeholders from industry, community and government. * A progressive text written by the top authors in the field and comprehensively edited into a unified volume * An analysis of the importance of sport and its relationship to social capital within local, national and international communities * Comprehensive coverage of themes such as, education, policy, community, youth sport, diversity and many more * Contributions from the UK, Australia, Canada, USA and Norway

NICEGA Journal of Sports Management and Educational Research

NICEGA Journal of Sports Management and Educational Research Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124283081
Release 2007
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NICEGA Journal of Sports Management and Educational Research has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from NICEGA Journal of Sports Management and Educational Research also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full NICEGA Journal of Sports Management and Educational Research book for free.

Sport Tourism

Sport Tourism Author Dr. Brent W. Ritchie
ISBN-10 9781845413378
Release 2004-07-26
Pages 275
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This book examines the economic, social and environmental impacts and issues associated with the development of sport tourism globally, including the lack of research and coordination between industry and government. The book suggests the need for a more balanced analysis of the impacts and issues associated with future sport tourism development.

An introduction to sports tourism and event management

An introduction to sports tourism and event management Author M. Saayman
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105112332262
Release 2001
Pages 226
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An introduction to sports tourism and event management has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from An introduction to sports tourism and event management also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full An introduction to sports tourism and event management book for free.

Routledge Handbook of Sport Management

Routledge Handbook of Sport Management Author Leigh Robinson
ISBN-10 9781136660870
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 496
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The Routledge Handbook of Sport Management is the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to theory and practice in sport management ever published. It provides students and scholars with a broad ranging survey of current thinking in contemporary sport management, exploring best practice in core functional areas and identifying important future directions for new research. Key topics covered in the book include: managing performance marketing human resource management the economics and finance of sport strategy managing change governance of sports organizations customer relations branding and retail. With contributions from leading scholars and professionals from around the world, the book illustrates the global nature of contemporary sport business and highlights the opportunities and challenges for managers operating in an international market place. Representing a definitive survey of contemporary issues in sport management, this is an essential reference for all students, scholars and practitioners working in sport.

Behaviour Management with Young Children

Behaviour Management with Young Children Author Bill Rogers
ISBN-10 9781473906402
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 240
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Bill Rogers' UK Tour 2017 - find out more today! 'This book will make a difference not only to the behaviour of pupils but also to the sanity of teachers.' -Jane Bellamy, Headteacher, Wold Newton School, Wold Newton, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire 'It is what we have been waiting for. A delight to read and will be a constant source of inspiration and guidance to us all.' -Cathy Whalen, Headteacher, Mousehold Infant and Nursery School, Norwich, Norfolk 'What a privilege to read a book written by the person that has had the most impact on my classroom teaching and the whole ethos of our school.’ -Debbie Hoy, Headteacher, Brookland Infant & Nursery School, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire Written by Behaviour Management expert, Bill Rogers and his daughter and Early Years teacher, Elizabeth McPherson, this book explores behaviour management in the crucial early years. Essential skills are explored in detail through a wide range of case studies and with specific focus on: challenging student behaviour positive discipline practice students with special behaviour needs how colleague support can help our day-to-day teaching anger management and safe restraint how to set up and maintain a whole-class behaviour agreement. The ultimate guide for early years students, educators and teachers, this book will change the way you think and practise. Bill Rogers is an Independent Educational Consultant based in Australia. Elizabeth McPherson is an Early Years Teacher in Australia.