The Filmmaker s Guide to Visual Effects

The Filmmaker s Guide to Visual Effects Author Eran Dinur
ISBN-10 9781317353188
Release 2017-03-27
Pages 206
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The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects offers a practical, detailed guide to visual effects for non-VFX specialists working in film and television. In contemporary filmmaking and television production, visual effects are used extensively in a wide variety of genres and formats to contribute to visual storytelling, help deal with production limitations, and reduce budget costs. Yet for many directors, producers, editors, and cinematographers, visual effects remain an often misunderstood aspect of media production. In this book, award-winning VFX supervisor and instructor Eran Dinur introduces readers to visual effects from the filmmaker’s perspective, providing a comprehensive guide to conceiving, designing, budgeting, planning, shooting, and reviewing VFX, from pre-production through post-production. The book will help readers: Learn what it takes for editors, cinematographers, directors, producers, gaffers, and other filmmakers to work more effectively with the visual effects team during pre-production, on the set and in post, use visual effects as a narrative aid, reduce production costs, and solve problems on location; Achieve a deeper understanding of 3D, 2D, and 2.5D workflows; the various VFX crafts from matchmove to compositing; essential concepts like photorealism, parallax, roto, and extraction; become familiar with the most common types of VFX, their role in filmmaking, and learn how to plan effectively for the cost and complexity of VFX shots; See visual effects concepts brought to life in practical, highly illustrated examples drawn from the real-world experiences of industry professionals, and discover how to better integrate visual effects into your own projects.

Visual Effects in a Digital World

Visual Effects in a Digital World Author Karen Goulekas
ISBN-10 9780080520711
Release 2001-08-10
Pages 600
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As the visual effects industry has diversified, so too have the books written to serve the needs of this industry. Today there are hundreds of highly specialized titles focusing on particular aspects of film and broadcast animation, computer graphics, stage photography, miniature photography, color theory, and many others. Visual Effects in a Digital World offers a much-needed reconsolidation of this knowledge. All of the industry's workers frequently need to understand concepts from other specialties, and this book-the only one of its kind-lets them look up and grasp the basics of any visual effects concept in a matter of seconds. It's a great way for everyone, regardless of experience, to find their way through the jargon and learn what they need to know. Authoritative coverage from a winner visual effects expert-winner of a British Academy Award and two Emmys Covers topics such as computer graphics, digital compositing, live action, stage, and miniature photography, and a wide range of computer and Internet concepts Offers job descriptions for positions found throughout the industry Demystifies the jargon used by practitioners in every subspecialty

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects Author Jeffrey A. Okun
ISBN-10 9780240812427
Release 2010
Pages 922
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The book covers techniques and solutions all VFX artists, producers, and supervisors need to know, from preproduction, to digital character creation and compositing of both live-action and CG elements. In-depth lessons on stereoscopic moviemaking, color management and digital intermediates are included, as well as chapters on interactive games and full animation authored by artists from EA and Dreamworks respectively. --from publisher description

The Art of the Storyboard

The Art of the Storyboard Author John Hart
ISBN-10 9781136133572
Release 2013-06-26
Pages 224
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Communicate your vision, tell your story and plan major scenes with simple, effective storyboarding techniques. Using sketches of shots from classic films, from silents to the present day, John Hart leads you through the history and evolution of this craft to help you get to grips with translating your vision onto paper, from the rough sketch to the finished storyboard. More than 150 illustrations from the author's and other storyboard artists' work illuminate the text throughout to help you master the essential components of storyboarding, such as framing, placement of figures, and camera angles. Level: Novice

Zamanin Daha Kisa Tarihi

Zamanin Daha Kisa Tarihi Author Stephen Hawking
ISBN-10 975991946X
Release 2006-10-01
Pages 132
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Zamanin Daha Kisa Tarihi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Zamanin Daha Kisa Tarihi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Zamanin Daha Kisa Tarihi book for free.

Soguktan Gelen Casus

Soguktan Gelen Casus Author John Le Carre
ISBN-10 6059908136
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 240
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Soguktan Gelen Casus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Soguktan Gelen Casus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Soguktan Gelen Casus book for free.

Kralyapanin Kizi

Kralyapanin Kizi Author Philippa Gregory
ISBN-10 6051425314
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 540
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Kralyapanin Kizi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Kralyapanin Kizi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Kralyapanin Kizi book for free.

The Art of Illusion

The Art of Illusion Author Terry Ackland-Snow
ISBN-10 9781785003448
Release 2017-09-30
Pages 192
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Film production is a highly creative and collaborative industry, full of multi-skilled artists and craftsmen. The fast-moving pace of technology makes it hard to keep abreast of current practices in production design. However, the ethos and skills behind filmmaking remain the same. In The Art of Illusion, renowned Art Director Terry Ackland-Snow shares his passion and knowledge of traditional film design from over fifty years of industry experience, using real-life case studies from some of the UK's most iconic films, including Batman, Labyrinth, the James Bond franchise and The Deep. Featuring over 100 original sketches, as well as rare behind-the-scenes photographs, storyboards and artwork, this book is exquisitely illustrated throughout, demonstrating the skills and techniques of film design with stunning intricacy. This is an essential guide for anyone aspiring to a career in production design, and will be of great value to all movie enthusiasts who are interested in the art of creating a film set. Superbly illustrated with 238 illustrations featuring over 100 original sketches, as well as rare behind-the scenes photographs.


Vesage Author Daniel Wade
ISBN-10 9781921002076
Release 2005
Pages 175
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The members of the Visual Effects Society (VES) make their living creating the stunning visual effects we see on the big and small screen. Though they gain recognition and satisfaction contributing to the mesmerizing effects for movies, TV and games, they're all too frequently bringing someone else's vision to life. VESAGE showcases the art that the VES members create when they're not at work on visual effects. It offers a unique insight into the personal creativity of the people behind some of the most-recognized imagery in the world.

Selam Berlin

Selam Berlin Author Yadé Kara
ISBN-10 9751022495
Release 2004
Pages 359
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Selam Berlin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Selam Berlin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Selam Berlin book for free.