The Next Next Level

The Next Next Level Author Leon Neyfakh
ISBN-10 9781612194479
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 192
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In the tradition of Carl Wilson’s Let’s Talk About Love, an unforgettable account of fame, fandom, and the problem of making art in the twenty-first century In his multi-hyphenate ambitions, the musician who calls himself Juiceboxxx couldn’t be more modern—you might call him a punk rock-rapper-DJ-record executive-energy drink-magnate. Journalist Leon Neyfakh has been something more than a fan of Juiceboxxx’s since he was a teenager, when he booked a show for the artist in a church basement in his hometown of Oak Park, Illinois. Juiceboxxx went on to the tireless, lonely, possibly hopeless pursuit of success on his own terms—no club was too dank, no futon too grubby, if it helped him get to the next, next level. And, for years, Neyfakh remained haunted from afar: was art really worth all the sacrifices? If it was, how did you know you’d made it? And what was the difference, anyway, between a person like Juiceboxxx—who devoted his life to being an artist—and a person like Neyfakh, who elected instead to pursue a stable career and a comfortable, middle-class existence? Much more than a brilliant portrait of a charismatic musician always on the verge of something big, The Next Next Level is a wholly contemporary story of art, obsession, fame, ambition, and friendship—as well as viral videos, rap-rock, and the particulars of life on the margins of culture. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Reaching the Next Level

Reaching the Next Level Author MARTHA A MASTERS
ISBN-10 9781610650021
Release 2011-02-25
Pages 96
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A guide for intermediate and advanced classical guitarists, addressing technical and musical issues. Any serious student of classical guitar will appreciate this book which covers topics often heard in a lesson, but seldom covered in a book, with appropriate repertoire provided. Topics covered include technical control, study habits, crafting interpretations, tone production, performance anxiety, and much more.Students and teachers alike will appreciate the varied repertoire selections, as well as the annotated repertoire list included for further study. Includes thoughtful discussion of each topic and careful choice of repertoire to allow guitarists to overcome obstacles and reach the next level in their playing.•

Getting to Your Next Level

Getting to Your Next Level Author Bishop T. M. Slowe
ISBN-10 9781452090931
Release 2010-12
Pages 128
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Ever thought of the secret key to take you to the next level? You are holding the answer in your hand. Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, a professional or an amateur, you will discover keys to your next level in God, your business, relationships, your marriage and your romantic life. The author exposes the root of sexual dysfunction, extremity and controversy in marriage, deliverance, unusual missionary journeys, demonic encounters etc. You will discern solutions to help you avoid pitfalls that can have life long consequences. Ever wondered why some people are not good candidates for marriage? What are some of the secrets for a successful marriage, or successful leadership? What are some of the mistakes leaders and young people make? Try this book it will literally revolutionize your thinking and take you to the next level.

Rap Poetry

Rap Poetry Author Gerard Vincent Ali
ISBN-10 1425946143
Release 2007
Pages 108
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My humble thoughts about this book, if you would allow me. RAP POETRY, "the next level" is a bold, exciting, fun to read fiction book. Saying that, I must add that this book is based on my life, my deeds, my thoughts, and most of all, the experience life has given me; so to say it is all fiction would be very far from the truth. I can probably pinpoint a situation in my life for every poem in this book and I believe my readers will also be able to, but this is not my intention for writing this letter. Traditionally poetry has not been the most successful form of writing when it comes to a healthy income, at least this is what I have been told, hopefully I'm wrong and you the publisher will prove there is no truth in this theory. I think this book Rap poetry "the next level" can be a great success, it's a bold, exciting and fun book to read, but what is even more important is that it will appeal to both young and old, something that most poets have not been able to do, and if they have I personally haven't seen their work. I have read poetry throughout my life and I have enjoyed it, at least sometimes, but to be quite honest if I was a teenager and entered a book store and happened to pick up a book with poems it would not keep my interest for more than two minutes. I only make this comment because I myself went searching for poetry simply to get some idea of how youths today respond to, or more so, what appeals to youths today in poetry. Not only was I un-captivated by any present material but I could not find one young person that had any interest in poetry, maybe I did not search far enough, personally I think this is sad. Rap poetry "the next level" is a bold step, but I believe it is as it says, The Next Level in rap and it dares any one who reads it too make it their own. I could have gone to a studio, put music to my lyrics, make them into songs as I have been advised to do on more than one occasion and who knows, maybe it will turn out that this is what I should have done. You see my goal, my aim, is to prove that people of all ages still do contrary to popular belief can see the beauty in lyrics of a poem before it becomes a hit song, that they do have an imagination and some sort or vision. The truth of it is, a song, and even more so a good song is one where music complements good lyrics to create something beautiful, but unfortunately writers are straying away from good lyrics to simply good rhythms and beats. I guess to each his own. Thank you in advance for taking time to read my book and my comments.

Family Reunion Taking it to the Next Level

Family Reunion  Taking it to the Next Level Author Regina Mason
ISBN-10 1465334475
Release 2011-08-29
Pages 185
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Family Reunion: Taking it to the next level is a book written as a step-by-step guide to researching your family’s history and successful family reunion planning. It was written for those who desire to take their family reunion to the next level; from the backyard to the hotel courtyard, from local to national, and from one branch to multiple branches of the family tree. This book is useful for both the novice and the more experienced family historian, genealogical researcher, or reunion organizer. TOPICS COVERED • Family History Research • Family Trees and Genealogy Software • Navigating Online Genealogy Databases & Records • Genetic Genealogy and DNA Testing • Preserving and Sharing the Family History • Family Reunion Planning • 24-Month Family Reunion Timeline Planner • Reunion Invitations and Letters • Organizing Reunion Planning Committees • Responsibilities of the Reunion Planning Committees & Subcommittees • Budgeting and Financing the Reunion • Activities & Games • The Reunion Tee-shirt • The Family Reunion Souvenir Book • Creating a Family Website

The Next Level

The Next Level Author Scott Eblin
ISBN-10 9781857884685
Release 2010-12-15
Pages 248
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Like a personal executive coach, this book shows you what to keep and ditch for success at the next level.

The Next Level

The Next Level Author David Cottrell
ISBN-10 0977225739
Release 2005-12-01
Pages 125
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What does it take to reach the next level? This book answers that question. The Next Level guides you on a journey that will enable you and your organization to move beyond the status quo, step by step beginning right now.

Living the Next Level

Living   the Next Level Author B. Courtney McBath
ISBN-10 9781416596448
Release 2008-05-20
Pages 224
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The message is simple but powerful: Turn your view of fulfillment and contentment upside down and discover the deeper joy god is already offering you -- now. How easily we fall into the common misconception that we must always be striving to reach that elusive "next level" in life. What we long for -- in our circumstances, our relationships, or even spirituality -- seems always just beyond our reach. B. Courtney McBath reveals that living in true friendship with God is that Next Level. As God's friends, we're already there, and every moment we spend straining after so-called benchmarks of success is a missed opportunity to explore God more deeply and connect with Him more fully right now. McBath writes in the bestselling tradition of T.D. Jakes and John Maxwell, bridging ethnic and theological boundaries with his transformative message. Readers will find their lives radically changed by Living @ the Next Level as they discover how to live at rather than strive for the Next Level. With McBath's dynamic teaching and spiritual wisdom, learn how to release the frustration that comes when our expectations go unfulfilled and, instead, learn to experience the fulfillment of walking with God in friendship every day. Rather than being consumed with frustration, we can get caught up in the joy of the journey. McBath uses vivid and powerful scripture and stories to inspire and show we don't have to live in frustration. Yes, we will experience highs and lows, mountains and valleys, blessings and battles, but whether we are waiting in faith for change or walking in a season of fulfilled purpose, as we journey in friendship with God, we will discover we already have far more than we've ever dreamed.

Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Take Your Photography to the Next Level Author George Barr
ISBN-10 9781457118302
Release 2007-12-17
Pages 216
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This book is for the photographer who strives to achieve a higher level of results in their work. Take Your Photography to the Next Level is based on a series of essays originally featured on the popular Luminous Landscape website. Barr tackles some of the rarely discussed, yet essential aspects of successful photography. Here is where photographers will learn what is required in order to grow in their creativity and to gain a deeper understanding of their craft. With a foreward by Michael Reichmann. Topics include: Creativity Dealing with disappointment Developing an "eye" Making stronger images What photographs well Where to go looking for the best photographic subjects How to approach subject material A great image is just around the corner Dealing with failure Mind games Becoming a self-aware photographer Framing, cropping, & manipulating prints to create mood and transmit your message

Women in Tech

Women in Tech Author Tarah Wheeler
ISBN-10 9781632170675
Release 2016-03-29
Pages 272
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Geared toward women who are considering getting into tech, or those already in a tech job who want to take their career to the next level, this book combines practical career advice and inspiring personal stories from successful female tech professionals Brianna Wu (founder, Giant Spacekat), Angie Chang (founder, Women 2.0), Keren Elazari (TED speaker and cybersecurity expert), Katie Cunningham (Python educator and developer), Miah Johnson (senior systems administrator), Kristin Toth Smith (tech executive and inventor), and Kamilah Taylor (mobile and social developer). Written by a female startup CEO and featuring a host of other successful contributors, this book will help dismantle the unconscious social bias against women in the tech industry. Readers will learn: · The secrets of salary negotiation · The best format for tech resumes · How to ace a tech interview · The perks of both contracting (W-9) and salaried full-time work · The secrets of mentorship · How to start your own company · And much more Bonus content: Perfect for its audience of hackers and coders, the book contains puzzles and code, created as love letters to women in the tech industry. A distinguished anonymous contributor created the Python code for the cover of the book (ghosted in gloss on the hardcover jacket, and also printed on one of the first pages). It references the mother of computer science, Ada Lovelace. Run the code to see what it does! Mike Selinker and Gaby Weidling of Lone Shark Games, and cryptographer and DefCon puzzle master Ryan “LostboY” Clarke created an “easter egg” of puzzles throughout the book - readers who decipher the puzzles get a prize from the author!

Fly Fishing for Trout

Fly Fishing for Trout Author Tom Rosenbauer
ISBN-10 9780811765572
Release 2016-11-18
Pages 256
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Fly fishers often ask Tom Rosenbauer how they can take their angling to the next level, and in his latest book the Orvis manager, expert fly fisher, instructor, tier, and award-winning author sets out to help them do just that. With forty years in the business, Rosenbauer knows the information fly fishers need to step up their game—whatever the level. Tom answers the top questions asked by anglers looking to take the next step. He offers advice on casting and rigging techniques that are beyond the basic level taught in fly-fishing schools but are essential if you want to be more successful, and he includes QR codes to take you to videos of his teaching tips in action.

The Next Level

The Next Level Author Laurence Udell
ISBN-10 9780956428424
Release 2010-11-16
Pages 283
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The Next Level is not a conventional business book. It sets out to challenge assumptions and offers an alternative approach to old, traditional ways of business thinking. This book takes a refreshingly new look at how you, as a Leader, can achieve success with sustainable profit and growth, through an alignment of both yourself and your business. Laurence Udell utilises his own tried and tested thinking, life experience alongside research from leading edge philosophers, scientists, psychologists, and management thinkers to develop the 4 A’s Strategy Model™. Through this profoundly inspirational model, the book demonstrates how to work with your current business strategy, its dynamics, patterns and underlying root issues, to create a changed world for your business and yourself, the outcomes being greater financial success and a clearer understanding your own unique role and purpose. The Author’s premise is that the health of an organisation is directly attributable to the spiritual, psychological and wellbeing of the leader and the leadership team. With The Next Level he advocates that long-term success and shareholder value can be achieved alongside ethical, authentic leadership and community spirit.

The Next Level

The Next Level Author David Gregory
ISBN-10 9780307446329
Release 2008-05-20
Pages 128
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Business degree in hand, Logan enters the immense Universal Systems building and is hired as an organizational analyst — a trouble-shooter. His job: evaluate the company’s five divisions, each on a separate level and each operating on startlingly unique principles. Which set of principles is successful? Why is most of the company’s profit generated by one tiny division? What is real profit, anyway? And who is the enigmatic executive that Logan ends up reporting to? Logan engages in a life-changing pursuit for The Next Level–a fascinating parable that will help you answer some of life’s most perplexing and vital questions. Joining Logan in evaluating each level’s approach, you’ll be inspired to consider the big picture of your own life from an entirely different perspective — one that holds the key to life’s ultimate purpose. No matter where you are now, get ready to embark on your own passionate pursuit of The Next Level.

Space Time Play

Space Time Play Author Friedrich von Borries
ISBN-10 9783764384142
Release 2007-09-14
Pages 495
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Computer and video games are leaving the PC and conquering the arena of everyday life in the form of mobile applications—the result is new types of cities and architecture. How do these games alter our perception of real and virtual space? What can the designers of physical and digital worlds learn from one another?

Breaking Through to the Next Level

Breaking Through to the Next Level Author Zig Ziglar
ISBN-10 1562924958
Release 1998
Pages 157
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This small book contains motivational expert Zig Ziglar's own favorite quotes, Scriptures, stories, and meditations. With thes simple but profound principles, you'll have the tools to break through to the next level of success in every area of your life.

Fantasy Football The Next Level

Fantasy Football The Next Level Author David Dorey
ISBN-10 9780446198585
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 320
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Between 20 and 30 million people play fantasy football each year. Now, Fantasy Football: The Next Level goes beyond stats and projections to teach readers a proven approach to drafting and managing a team that succeeds - in any league. Dorey's wealth of tips, tools and techniques - based on two decades of fantasy football expertise - will help experienced players and newcomers alike win their championships every season. Learn how to: Understand the true value of each position to your team's success using LAG analysis Get a handle on your league's scoring system and use it to your advantage Keep your focus and your discipline on draft day using the Advanced Draft Tracker Ignore the hype surrounding last year's superstar--and build your team with players who will produce this season.

The Next Level Supercharged

The Next Level  Supercharged Author Rob Garcia
ISBN-10 9781329862142
Release 2016-01-27
Pages 160
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The Next Level Recharged is an exciting speed learning guide that can help the reader learn any job or skill in record time. 16 methods of high speed learning and real life examples!