The Story Of A Black Vietnam Veteran During and After

The Story Of A Black Vietnam Veteran During and After Author Ronald Brown
ISBN-10 9781634177917
Release 2015-05-27
Pages 92
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Equality and freedom are two of the most expensive things when you are part of the black race (even before and until now). The book, The Story of a Black Vietnam Veteran During and After, is a narration of a true-to-life story that proves how disparity can make and break lives even at war. This story is told by a black American veteran who had a firsthand experience on prejudice against racial color. It unfolds the reality in the war zone and the fight between blacks and whites. It tells us that the blacks have not just been fighting in another country’s battlefield but to their own racial battlefield as well. When the war is over, it’s not actually over for them. And until now, they are still struggling in that war.


Bloods Author Wallace Terry
ISBN-10 9780307833587
Release 2013-01-16
Pages 320
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"Simply the most powerful and moving book that has emerged on this topic." UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL The national bestseller that tells the truth of about Vietnam from the black soldiers' perspective. An oral history unlike any other, BLOODS features twenty black men who tell the story of how members of their race were sent off in disproportionate numbers and the special test of patriotism they faced. Told in voices no reader will soon forget, BLOODS is a must-read for anyone who wants to put the Vietnam experience in historical, cultural, and political perspective. Cited by THE NEW YORK TIMES as One of the Notable Books of the Year "Superb." TIME

Historical Memory and Representations of the Vietnam War

Historical Memory and Representations of the Vietnam War Author Walter L. Hixson
ISBN-10 0815335369
Release 2000
Pages 368
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Available as a single volume or as part of the 6 volume set Vietnam War

Patches of Fire

Patches of Fire Author Albert French
ISBN-10 0822958872
Release 2005
Pages 241
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Patches of Fire is Albert French's deeply personal memoir of a young black man's Vietnam War experience. The trials of war, the struggles of a Vietnam veteran, and the ultimate redemption of a life filled with accomplishment are related with vivid detail.

The Vietnam Experience

The Vietnam Experience Author Kevin Hillstrom
ISBN-10 0313301832
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 322
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Offers forty-three essays on popular expressions of diverse aspects of the Vietnam War, including women war correspondents, atrocities, desertion, and the Kent State shootings.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War Author DK
ISBN-10 9780241308684
Release 2017-03-30
Pages 360
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The Vietnam War is the definitive illustrated history of the world's first televised war. Compiling insightful maps, at-a-glance timelines, and incredible archive photography, The Vietnam War is an all-encompassing showcase of the story of the conflict, and a reflection on modern issues of battle such as prisoners of war and civil rights. Detailed descriptions of every episode, from Operation Passage to Freedom to the evacuation of the US embassy in Saigon, are enhanced by the stories of those who witnessed the drama unfold. Eyewitness features pick out iconic photographs and individual tales, giving you a truly immersive look at the events of the Vietnam War. Discover the stories of the conflict's most significant figures, with detailed biographies of Henry Kissinger, General Thieu, President Nixon, and Pol Pot. Hundreds of incredible images are brought together to form an incredible visual record of the suffering, sacrifice, and heroism in America's bloodiest conflict of the 20th century.

Southeastern Geographer

Southeastern Geographer Author David M. Cochran Jr.
ISBN-10 9781469609034
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 207
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Southeastern Geographer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Southeastern Geographer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Southeastern Geographer book for free.


Ebony Author
Release 1986-04
Pages 162
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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

The Vietnam War in American Memory

The Vietnam War in American Memory Author Patrick Hagopian
ISBN-10 9781558499027
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 553
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A study of American attempts to come to terms with the legacy of the Vietnam War, this book highlights the central role played by Vietnam veterans in shaping public memory of the war. Tracing the evolution of the image of the Vietnam veteran from alienated dissenter to traumatized victim to noble warrior, Patrick Hagopian describes how efforts to commemorate the war increasingly downplayed the political divisions it spawned in favor of a more unifying emphasis on honoring veterans and promoting national "healing."

Home to War

Home to War Author Gerald Nicosia
ISBN-10 0786714034
Release 2004
Pages 689
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Details the struggles of those who served in Vietnam to deal with the negative reaction at home, their role in the anti-war movement, and their battle for medical help and compensation for Agent Orange and post-traumatic stress.

Human Adaptation to Extreme Stress

Human Adaptation to Extreme Stress Author John P. Wilson
ISBN-10 0306428733
Release 1988-10-31
Pages 397
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Organized into three sections, theory, research, and treatment, the 24 contributions to the book represent a multi-disciplinary effort to understand war-related traumatic stress and its impact on life-course development, the aging process, and the diverse coping mechanisms employed by the victims. S

The Spitting Image

The Spitting Image Author Jerry Lembcke
ISBN-10 9781479864867
Release 2000-05-01
Pages 217
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One of the most resilient images of the Vietnam era is that of the anti-war protester — often a woman — spitting on the uniformed veteran just off the plane. The lingering potency of this icon was evident during the Gulf War, when war supporters invoked it to discredit their opposition. In this startling book, Jerry Lembcke demonstrates that not a single incident of this sort has been convincingly documented. Rather, the anti-war Left saw in veterans a natural ally, and the relationship between anti-war forces and most veterans was defined by mutual support. Indeed one soldier wrote angrily to Vice President Spiro Agnew that the only Americans who seemed concerned about the soldier's welfare were the anti-war activists. While the veterans were sometimes made to feel uncomfortable about their service, this sense of unease was, Lembcke argues, more often rooted in the political practices of the Right. Tracing a range of conflicts in the twentieth century, the book illustrates how regimes engaged in unpopular conflicts often vilify their domestic opponents for "stabbing the boys in the back." Concluding with an account of the powerful role played by Hollywood in cementing the myth of the betrayed veteran through such films as Coming Home, Taxi Driver, and Rambo, Jerry Lembcke's book stands as one of the most important, original, and controversial works of cultural history in recent years.

Creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Author Robert W. Doubek
ISBN-10 9781476619880
Release 2015-06-18
Pages 324
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"Doubek tells the story from his recollections and personal notes, calendars, photos, and news clippings...the book is a good read because Doubek, who was an important player in the Memorial's early history, describes the fervor, as well as the pettiness and rancor, displayed by those for and against the design, himself included"--VVA Veteran Magazine. Since its dedication in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has become an American cultural icon symbolizing the war in Vietnam--the defining experience of the Baby Boom generation. The black granite wall of names is one of the most familiar media images associated with the war, and after three decades the memorial remains one of the nation's most visited monuments. While the memorial has enjoyed broad acceptance by the American public, its origins were both humble and contentious. A grassroots effort launched by veterans with no funds, the project was completed in three and a half years. But an emotional debate about aesthetics and the interpretation of heroism, patriotism and history nearly doomed the project. Written from an insider's perspective, this book tells the complete story of the memorial's creation amid Washington politics, a nationwide design competition and the heated controversy over the winning design and its creator.

Six Degrees of the Bracelet

Six Degrees of the Bracelet Author John A. Siegfried
ISBN-10 1462845800
Release 2011-07-25
Pages 356
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These are indescribable stories told by veterans, about veterans, and for veterans, and by the families of the lost or still missing MIAs. This book illustrates the misery and despair experienced by both soldiers and victims of this visceral war, but also the exhilaration of combat, and the camaraderie felt, during their respective tours, to present day. While the Vietnam War was raging, silver bracelets were created to raise awareness of, and show support for, American servicemen who were prisoners of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA). After the war, black bracelets were produced to pay homage to any of our armed forces killed in action (KIA). The orange bracelet is more recent and symbolizes all those, living and deceased, who have suffered from diseases, combat wounds, and post traumatic stress resulting from their Vietnam service. These bracelets honor the memory and sacrifice of our troops - one of the central goals of this book.

Disposable Heroes

Disposable Heroes Author Benjamin Fleury-Steiner
ISBN-10 9781442217874
Release 2012-10-16
Pages 180
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For many soldiers, the end of military service signals a cruel and new beginning. Disposable Heroes illuminates the challenges facing many veterans, particularly African Americans. Rather than finding military service to be a path to equality and upward mobility, these veterans fight just to survive. The book draws on in-depth interviews and national survey data to show the ways America is failing many black veterans today. Author Benjamin Fleury-Steiner shares the remarkable stories of 30 veterans from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. Their words illustrate the ongoing impact of explicit racial oppression such as Jim Crow segregation, white backlash against integration, and racially targeted criminal justice policies. The book traces the persistent role of racial inequalities in African American veterans’ lives before service, during active duty, and particularly after military life. Taken together, the stories in Disposable Heroes paint a compelling story of hope, struggle, and survival. Disposable Heroes makes a powerful case for ending America’s longstanding “war at home”—enduring unemployment, deficient health care, and substandard housing—that continue to plague many urban African American communities in the United States today, with particular attention to challenges of African American veterans.

The Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939

The Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939 Author Robert L Harris
ISBN-10 9780231510875
Release 2006-07-22
Pages 456
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This book is a multifaceted approach to understanding the central developments in African American history since 1939. It combines a historical overview of key personalities and movements with essays by leading scholars on specific facets of the African American experience, a chronology of events, and a guide to further study. Marian Anderson's famous 1939 concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial was a watershed moment in the struggle for racial justice. Beginning with this event, the editors chart the historical efforts of African Americans to address racism and inequality. They explore the rise of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and the national and international contexts that shaped their ideologies and methods; consider how changes in immigration patterns have complicated the conventional "black/white" dichotomy in U.S. society; discuss the often uneasy coexistence between a growing African American middle class and a persistent and sizable underclass; and address the complexity of the contemporary African American experience. Contributors consider specific issues in African American life, including the effects of the postindustrial economy and the influence of music, military service, sports, literature, culture, business, and the politics of self-designation, e.g.,"Colored" vs. "Negro," "Black" vs. "African American". While emphasizing political and social developments, this volume also illuminates important economic, military, and cultural themes. An invaluable resource, The Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939 provides a thorough understanding of a crucial historical period.

Swimming Upstream Black Males in Adult Education

Swimming Upstream  Black Males in Adult Education Author Dionne Rosser-Mims
ISBN-10 9781119021933
Release 2014-12-15
Pages 104
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Here is an introduction to salient topics and issues affecting Black males as they engage in adult basic education programs, pursue employment, and obtain higher education. The chapters include academic research as well as program descriptions and personal narratives with a concern for the “lived experiences” and the voices of the men. While not exhaustive, this volumne does hope to challenge commonly held stereotypes, interactions, and policies. It is designed to raise questions about the unique experiences of this specific population and to explore the sociocultural dynamics that impact their education. This is the 144th volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums.