Walking Salt Lake City

Walking Salt Lake City Author Lynn Arave
ISBN-10 9780899976938
Release 2012-07-10
Pages 256
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A new title in the Walking series, Walking: Salt Lake City is geared to first-time visitors to Salt Lake City--and to local residents. Both will enjoy the history and tales about places they thought they knew, and will be surprised to find walking destinations they may not have considered before. Each tour in the stylish, portable format touches on history, culture, and local architecture, plus insider recommendations on eateries, galleries, and nightlife. With clear maps depicting each walk, parking and public transit info, at-a-glance summaries and Points of Interest appendices, there's no better way to discover a city than on foot with a Walking guide. Walking Salt Lake City is a time-traveling guide to Salt Lake City's past and to its vibrant present. Written by Utah natives, it presents rambles of every kind. The 30+ tours explore the city's downtown, which is experiencing an invigorating renaissance; Temple Square, world headquarters of the Latter-Day Saints Church; Capitol Hill; character-filled neighborhoods like the Avenues and "15th and 15th"; and semi-rural surprises near and within the bustling city, from Memory Grove and City Creek Canyon, a stone's throw from metropolitan skyscrapers, to tucked-away and nearly forgotten Miller Bird Preserve and the appropriately named Hidden Hollow. While snow-capped mountains, famous canyon resorts, and the inland sea that gave the city its name invitingly beckon hikers, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, and day-trippers, Walking Salt Lake City unveils tempting reasons to enjoy the urban setting itself. Thoughtfully designed, the guide offers precise directions, easy to follow summaries, and tips about inviting eateries and shopping havens. Whether you are out for a heart-pumping workout or an evening stroll, filling an hour or a day, or count yourself a Utah visitor, a new resident or a lifelong local, this book is designed with you in mind.

Building Stones of Downtown Salt Lake City a Walking Tour

Building Stones of Downtown Salt Lake City  a Walking Tour Author Christine M. Wilkerson
ISBN-10 9781557916280
Release 1999-04-01
Pages 24
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This twenty-two building walking tour begins at the Utah State Capitol and finishes at the Salt Lake City and County Building, seven blocks to the south. Descriptions include the geologic and/or trade name of the rocks used along with their geologic age and source location, and for older structures, some of the building's history. The building stone from at least two of the stops can no longer be seen (ZCMI Center Mall and Cabana Club).

A Bark in the Park

A Bark in the Park Author Jennifer Kalbach
ISBN-10 0974408379
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 64
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Have you ever considered how far you walk with your dog? If you walk just 20 minutes a day, in ten years you will have walked far enough to cross the United States. With all that walking ahead of you and your dog, arenÕt you ready for a new place to hike?A Bark In The Park: A Guide To Walking Your dog Around Salt Lake City rates the best area dog-walking destinations with your best friend in mind. Utah author Jennifer Kalbach, with bountiful asistance from Cami and Cosmo, have explored area trails to identify the tail-waggingest hikes out there.Jennifer brings back from her adventures generous helpings of local history, architecture, botany and geology. Find a dog park. Learn what parks dog owners should avoid. No Dogs!Is there any more dispiriting day for a dog owner than driving to a new park and encountering the dreaded ÒNO DOGSÓ sign? A Bark In The Park: A Guide To Walking Your dog Around Salt Lake City lists parks that donÕt welcome dogs. Also packed inside are......tips on outfitting your dog for a hike...tips on practicing low impact hiking with your dog...creating a canine First-Aid hiking kit...a complete listing of area dog parksA Bark In The Park: A Guide To Walking Your dog Around Salt Lake City also features the whimsical drawings of Andrew Chesworth. So grab that leash and hit the trail!

Look Up Salt Lake City a Walking Tour of Salt Lake City Utah

Look Up  Salt Lake City  a Walking Tour of Salt Lake City  Utah Author Doug Gelbert
ISBN-10 1301066192
Release 2012
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There is no better way to see America than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a walking tour. Whether you are preparing for a road trip or just out to look at your own town in a new way, a downloadable walking tour is ready to explore when you are.Each walking tour describes historical and architectural landmarks and provides pictures to help out when those pesky street addresses are missing. Every tour also includes a quick primer on identifying architectural styles seen on American streets.Founded by Joseph Smith in 1830, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the largest church to originate on American soil, boasting a worldwide membership of over 14 million. in its tumultuous early years Smith intended to establish a New Jerusalem called Zion but pursuit of that goal was undermined in Ohio and Missouri and Illinois. As conflict escalated in illinois, Smith had predicted the church would need to go West and be established in the tops of the Rocky Mountains. In 1844 Smith and his brother Hyrum were hauled from a jail by a mob in Carthage, Illinois, where they had surrendered on charges of treason in relation to the destruction of an unfriendly press, and murdered by multiple musket blasts.Brigham Young ascended to the leadership of the church at the age of 46 and led the Mormon pioneers west as Smith had advised, first to Nebraska and then on to Utah where 143 men, three women and two children stopped and settled several miles east of the Great Salt Lake on July 24, 1847. Young set up a system of communal crop sharing and guided the settlement spiritually and politically as thousands of Mormon pioneers came to Salt Lake. But it was not to be an insular Mormon town for long.The California Gold Rush brought many fortune-seekers through Salt Lake City which was becoming a trading post and crossroads. The railroads were crossing the territory as well and soon there would be rich mineral strikes in the nearby mountains. Most intrusive of all was the federal government that battled the Mormons, sometimes with soldiers but mostly through the courts, over the Mormon practice of polygamy. Tensions between the church and non-Mormons would not ease until the early 1900s.By that time Salt Lake City was the dominant city of the Intermountain West, enriched by the mines and the railroads and the banks the wealth financed. Unlike many cities that annexed surrounding towns as they expanded through the 20th century, Salt Lake City watched its suburbs incorporate as separate towns and actually lost population. Downtown withered as the metropolitan area exploded. It was not until the 1990s that the exodus was arrested.Our walking tour will explore that historic core that grew on orderly axes from Temple Square, the ten acres where Brigham Young proclaimed to "build a temple to our God" and that is where we will begin, amidst gardens and fountains...

Walking on sand

Walking on sand Author Rocco C. Siciliano
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060066738
Release 2004-08
Pages 324
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Rocco C. Siciliano Broke new ground as the first Italian-American to serve in the White House as an assistant to the president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. At 31, "Ike's Youngest" attained a prominence not suggested by his humble beginnings in Salt Lake City, Utah. But his upbringing in the Mormon-dominated community, where he balanced the heritage of his striving immigrant parents with his own aspirations for success, prepared him for a wide variety of service. This service included leading a special weapons platoon in World War II, bringing Martin Luther King Jr. to meet with President Eisenhower, and becoming a recognized business leader in California. Siciliano used his expertise in labor, personnel management, and business to contribute substantively to the J. Paul Getty Center, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, the Committee for Economic Development, and the "Volcker" Commission on Public Service, among others. The variety of Siciliano's experiences reinvigorates our understanding of the forgotten art of public service. Walking on Sand emphasizes the role that public service can play for corporations, communities, states, and the nation. This story is a gift from the Greatest Generation to the many people who serve America today and will serve her tomorrow.

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles Salt Lake City

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles  Salt Lake City Author Greg Witt
ISBN-10 9780897329422
Release 2012-06-19
Pages 288
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60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Salt Lake City is the only guidebook that pinpoints the most exceptional hikes in the area. It contains meticulous trail descriptions that range from comfortable strolls for families to difficult treks for those looking for a challenging workout. Extensive key-at-a-glance information makes it easier to choose a hike based on length, difficulty, or scenery. A helpful list of hikes in the front of the book highlights those with special interests — best hikes for children, scenic hikes, hikes good for wildlife viewing, best hikes for runners, and more. Each hike report includes commentary on trailside geology, flowers, and wildlife. Historical notes provide fascinating details about early miners, trailblazers, the Pony Express, and Mormon pioneers. Nestled in the western flank of the Rockies, Salt Lake City provides ready access to a stunning array of hiking options amid alpine lakes, snow-draped mountain peaks, fragrant evergreen forests, deep canyon waterfalls, granite towers, and flowered cirques. Within 60 miles of Salt Lake City there are thousands of square miles of national forest, National Wilderness Areas, state parks and designated recreation areas to explore.

Walking West

Walking West Author Noëlle Sickels
ISBN-10 9781466813120
Release 1995-05-15
Pages 308
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About the great migration west, Edna Ferber wrote, "I am not belittling the brave pioneer men, but the sunbonnet as well as the sombrero helped to settle this glorious land of ours." These westering foremothers take center stage in Walking West, Noelle Sickels's remarkable first novel of women and their families on a grueling wagon train journey across the United States. In the wet spring of 1852, a small band of Indiana farm families set off for California, lured west by the promise of a better life. The Muller party crosses treacherous rivers, slogs through mud and thunderstorms, and hauls wagons up and down mountains and over baking deserts in a seven-month journey across our raw continent. Among them is Alice Muller, a reluctant traveler forced to leave home by her husband Henry's dreams of prosperity. But the Mullers greatly underestimate the hardships they will face, and it is ultimately Alice who must draw on the deepest reserves of body and soul to lead the little group of bone-weary emigrants through their final miles. In doing so, Alice changes from a dutiful farm wife into a woman capable of deep commitment, strong actions, and profound self-knowledge. Noelle Sickels's novel takes readers across America--through Fort Laramie, Chimney Rock, the Black Hills, the Rockies, and the Sierras--and into the minds of her extraordinary characters. Offering a woman's perspective on a historical period more often portrayed through the male icons of cowboys, outlaws, and gold seekers, Walking West combines history and storytelling in a novel of astonishing authenticity and emotional power.

Airport Revenue Diversification

Airport Revenue Diversification Author
ISBN-10 9780309143127
Release 2010
Pages 55
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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Synthesis 19: Airport Revenue Diversification explores the different sources of revenue for airports, separating core aeronautical revenue from ancillary revenues. The report also examines ways that airports have diversified activities and highlights the challenges that arise when non-aeronautical activity is proposed on land that is subject to Federal Aviation Administration grants obligations and assurances.

Walking for Fitness

Walking for Fitness Author Marnie Caron
ISBN-10 9781926685557
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 224
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Walking is the most popular physical activity in North America, and for good reason: it can be done by people of all ages and all levels of physical ability, the risk of injury is low, and it doesn’t require a carload of expensive equipment. Best of all, brisk walking for just 30 minutes four times a week reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and other health problems. This comprehensive guide helps readers make the most of their walking. It offers two step-by-step programs developed by fitness professionals; advice on shoes, clothing, nutrition, and routes; tips on staying motivated and avoiding injury; stories from real-life walkers; and ways to include friends and family. Whether the goal is to return to activity, reduce the risk of illness and injury, or to minimize one’s impact on the environment, this encouraging book helps readers put their best foot forward.

Walking Into Colorado s Past

Walking Into Colorado s Past Author Ben Fogelberg
ISBN-10 1565795199
Release 2006
Pages 248
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What could be better than a walk through Colorado's mountains, woods or valleys? How about a history hike? Hikers and historians Ben Fogelberg and Steve Grinstead take you there, and then take you beyond-sharing vignettes of days past to enhance these 50 walks to historic places in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, COlorado Springs, Pueblo, La Junta, and Trinidad. View gold and silver mines in their lofty mountain perches, visit old homesteads, walk to the site of a coal-mining tragedy, explore the burn zone of the Hayman Fire, descend a cenyon to discover rock art and dinosaur tracks, even climb to remnants of a crashed B-17 bomber! From mile-long strolls to crossing the flanks of fourteeners, Walking Into Colorado's Past has fun and fascinating history hikes for all ages.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Author Wallace Stegner
ISBN-10 1101077891
Release 1991-03-01
Pages 576
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Bo Mason, his wife, Elsa, and their two boys live a transient life of poverty and despair. Drifting from town to town and from state to state, the violent, ruthless Bo seeks out his fortune—in the hotel business, in new farmland, and, eventually, in illegal rum-running through the treacherous back roads of the American Northwest. Stegner portrays more than thirty years in the life of the Mason family in this masterful, harrwoing saga of people trying to survive during the lean years of the early twentieth century.

Walking on Water

Walking on Water Author Richard Paul Evans
ISBN-10 9781451628326
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 320
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When the long walk from Seattle to Key West finally nears an end, Alan Christoffersen must return to the west and face yet another crisis just as he has begun to heal from so much loss.

Die wundersame Schatulle

Die wundersame Schatulle Author Richard Paul Evans
ISBN-10 9783732518807
Release 2015-10-20
Pages 128
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Eine zauberhafte Geschichte über die Liebe, poetisch und weise, warmherzig und voll beseelender Kraft. Sie leben in ziemlich beengten Verhältnissen: Richard, seine Frau Keri und ihre kleine Tochter Jenna. Da kommt die Anzeige wie gerufen: "Ältere Dame sucht Ehepaar, das ihr in Haushalt, Küche und Garten hilft. Eigene Wohnung wird gestellt." Kurze Zeit später ziehen die drei in die Villa der Witwe. Doch Richard strebt weiter nach Erfolg und Geld - und hat immer weniger Zeit für seine Familie. Kurz vor Weihnachten findet er auf dem Dachboden eine kleine Schatulle, deren Inhalt ihn erkennen lässt, dass er den Blick für das Wertvollste im Leben verloren hat ...

Walking With My Sunshine

Walking With My Sunshine Author Rufus Franklin Stephenson
ISBN-10 9781477293867
Release 2012-12-13
Pages 384
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In the sequel to From Dixieland to Frisco Bay, Rufus Franklin Stephenson tells us the story of a romance which has lasted for more than half a century. Walking with My Sunshine chronicles his marriage to Joyce, the love of his life. When Rufus and Joyce decided to marry at a very young age, few supported them. Yet despite everything, they proved that true love can overcome any form of adversity, and can last a lifetime. Nourished by faith in God, the blessing of children, and unwavering loyalty to each other, their marriage has been the foundation for a family, now four generations strong, who know that the best moments in life are those that are shared with those we love. This is a story of family, of forgiveness, of building a life with faith. It is one that will lift your heart.

Walking in the Sand

Walking in the Sand Author Emmanuel Abu Kissi
ISBN-10 0842525440
Release 2004
Pages 384
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Weaving totether first-hand accounts from chruch members and missionaries, the author -- himself an early convert to the faith in that country -- tells the history of Latter-day Saints in Ghana from 1961 to 2002

Kompass f r die Seele

Kompass f  r die Seele Author Jack Canfield
ISBN-10 3442166667
Release 2005
Pages 639
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Deutsche Erstveröffentlichung. Vom Autor des Weltbestsellers "Hühnersuppe für die Seele"

Enzo Die Kunst ein Mensch zu sein

Enzo  Die Kunst  ein Mensch zu sein Author Garth Stein
ISBN-10 9783426555279
Release 2010-04-22
Pages 320
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Im nächsten Leben, da ist sich Enzo sicher, wird er ein Mensch sein. Deshalb beobachtet der kluge Hund die Welt um sich herum genau – und er kommt zu erstaunlichen Einsichten. Sein großes Vorbild ist Herrchen Denny: Familienvater, Rennfahrer und der zuverlässigste Freund, den ein Hund haben kann. Doch dann gerät Dennys Leben plötzlich aus den Fugen ... Denny und Enzo sind ein unzertrennliches Paar. Enzo liebt sein Herrchen über alles und genießt das entspannte Männerleben, geprägt von ausgedehnten Spaziergängen, lockeren Essensgewohnheiten und den spannenden Geschichten, die Denny von seinem Leben als Rennfahrer erzählt. Daher reagiert Enzo zunächst mit großer Eifersucht auf Eve, in die Denny sich verliebt und die ihr Leben völlig verändert. Doch er ist klug, er arrangiert sich mit Eve, denn er sieht genau, dass Eve für Denny noch wichtiger ist als seine große Leidenschaft, das Autorennen. Als die kleine Zoë geboren wird, begreift er sie nicht als weiteren Eindringling, sondern als Geschenk und schwört sich, sie stets zu beschützen. Eine Weile ist das Glück der vier perfekt. Zufrieden gibt sich Enzo seiner Lieblingsbeschäftigung hin: dem Philosophieren über das Leben der Menschen, ihr Verhalten, ihre Vorlieben und ihre Schwächen. Enzo ist davon überzeugt, dass er in seinem nächsten Leben ein Mensch sein wird, und so versucht er alles zu verstehen, auch wenn er vieles seltsam findet. Doch dann scheint ein Schicksalsschlag Dennys ganze Welt zu zerstören – und Enzo erkennt, worin die Kunst, ein Mensch zu sein, tatsächlich besteht. Enzo. Die Kunst, ein Mensch zu sein von Garth Stein im eBook!